whatcha sayy?? ;p

i keep forgeting to blog... im so caught up with youtube and what not! LOOOL im just too lazy to take pics of items... but yeah i have many hauls, some u can catch on the tubeeee but today i did extreme... damage to my card LOOOL! so yeahhh my goodies!

but yeah just a lot of wierdos at work today... i swear the youth? like wth? if i dressed or said or did the things they do... i would prob be killed by my mother... likeeeee srslyy? its like parents just drop kids off at mall and we are like babysitting a bunch of crazyness! HOT MESS!!!! what happend to old fashion butt whoopins? idk... call me old fashion :D

mmm going on vacation soon so i needed travel size hair stuff and needed face wash so i got the dior cleansing milk for my supa dry skin -_-;;

mmm... i love urbans palettes the colors are so amazinggg and tarte im starting to get into? 40 something for a big thing of eyeshadows is a pretty sweet deal if u ask me...

got suckered... got the eyeshadows and another highlighter! its so cuuute and on sale! so im not really guilty on what i purchased today... glitter liners were like... 8 bucks :p

mmm was running out of my xl lash ( favorite mascara in the whole world!) and wanted to try out smashbox bronzer thingo and was running low on my hd powderrr so got thoseee and saw a pretty shimmery beige shadow in cargo so mhmmm i needed these! :D:D:D

ok... i had to get the sugar... i freakn love the stuff?! plus i had to get it in the rose.... LOL i like putting it on before i go to sleep :D and the diorrrrr looool i like how the reaction of it comes out a pretty pink :D! goes on clear and then BAM hot pink ish color hahaha

hehe heres a pic of my green lenses from prettyandcute.com! lool i covered my face... i want some lacey face mask hehehe! i kinda like the new lenses that janie got! im wanting some brown and grey ones! (can u tell i love those two colors? :p) hehe i wanna watch vma! recorded it so ima about to go watch!

Phiphi Nguyen


hkmichelley said...

omg the Too Faced products are sooo cute! :O
they've the girl smurf on them :O <3

tenkuotsuki said...

cute post♥ i like your doodles on the photos! adorablee haha♥
thanks for posting your hauls! i love reading your blog lol
but i couldn't tell what brand the mascara was? is it the estee launder xl? but the packaging didn't look like it so i wasn't sure〜could you please let me know? thanksss♥

Chiara said...

ROFL. I remember thinking the same thing when I worked in retail. Kids just aren't raised the same these days :///

Shopn'Chomp said...

haha...cute face mask :P Awesome haul, girl!

Natalie Nguyen said...

mmmm.. love all the things you bought. Makes me want to go out and buy stuff too XD

kalai said...

great haul.. the green lenses look good on you.

i love the dior lip balm.. i need to save though=__= lol


in my mind... said...

SMASHBOX BRONZER is my favorite! i mostly use the dark brown!

edge2extended said...

I found your blog from youtube. keep on writing. nice things ^^ and girl, you are beautiful! just too cute!