whatcha sayy?? ;p

by - Sunday, September 13, 2009

i keep forgeting to blog... im so caught up with youtube and what not! LOOOL im just too lazy to take pics of items... but yeah i have many hauls, some u can catch on the tubeeee but today i did extreme... damage to my card LOOOL! so yeahhh my goodies!

but yeah just a lot of wierdos at work today... i swear the youth? like wth? if i dressed or said or did the things they do... i would prob be killed by my mother... likeeeee srslyy? its like parents just drop kids off at mall and we are like babysitting a bunch of crazyness! HOT MESS!!!! what happend to old fashion butt whoopins? idk... call me old fashion :D

mmm going on vacation soon so i needed travel size hair stuff and needed face wash so i got the dior cleansing milk for my supa dry skin -_-;;

mmm... i love urbans palettes the colors are so amazinggg and tarte im starting to get into? 40 something for a big thing of eyeshadows is a pretty sweet deal if u ask me...

got suckered... got the eyeshadows and another highlighter! its so cuuute and on sale! so im not really guilty on what i purchased today... glitter liners were like... 8 bucks :p

mmm was running out of my xl lash ( favorite mascara in the whole world!) and wanted to try out smashbox bronzer thingo and was running low on my hd powderrr so got thoseee and saw a pretty shimmery beige shadow in cargo so mhmmm i needed these! :D:D:D

ok... i had to get the sugar... i freakn love the stuff?! plus i had to get it in the rose.... LOL i like putting it on before i go to sleep :D and the diorrrrr looool i like how the reaction of it comes out a pretty pink :D! goes on clear and then BAM hot pink ish color hahaha

hehe heres a pic of my green lenses from prettyandcute.com! lool i covered my face... i want some lacey face mask hehehe! i kinda like the new lenses that janie got! im wanting some brown and grey ones! (can u tell i love those two colors? :p) hehe i wanna watch vma! recorded it so ima about to go watch!

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