i cant sleeeeeeeeeeeeep! haul~

by - Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hehe sooooo i tried to make a vid of my haul, but i look half dead soo ill just post it up here! cuz i love me some blogger! i signed up with live journal and that thing is so complicated! but there are some journals i want to read that is on private... which is so annoying! what is the point of that?! hmm... im not good with html... but once i know the codes i can pretty much do ok stuff! heheh! i love xiaxue's blog... the photo of the day or whatever and the pinkness! so pretty! i should look up better codes for blogger hehe LMAO... i was bored... i like my mustache! i was talking to my friend last night... and i was like... i dig your beard! and he got all technical with me... and i was like whatever! i just like it! haha! i think.. mine is better though... gives me character :D

anywhoooo! went to mall to return my fresh rose mask since... i had sample and it wasnt really what i thought it would be? i needed MORE moisture ahahha! so stop by macy and whata know they had awesome gift with purchase? though u had to purchase the gift but it was worth it? i bought a yummy shimmer powder! which i thought was amazingly beautiful! i spent... 60 i think for the whole thing! purse i think ill give to my gma... and my mom the lipstick and mascara weee! im so nice right? :p what the gift came with! big brown bag, 9 eyeshadows, nail polish, lipstick, mascara, and manicure set hehehe

OK OK OK OK so im glad that i went in the other day?! i saw these beauties and hadd to HAD to get them! omgah i love when they have the holiday stuff like this? plus its Marie Antoinette inspired and paris... um... cute much?! and it was cheap tooOOOOoo! the smaller one has an amazing pink (mess in a dress) a color... that is discontinued sooo i was like drooling when i saw it! and the book thing i thought was super funnn! hehe glam revolution was 38 and glam fab was 28 i think its a good deal? comes with blushes, lip gloss, bronzer, and of course shadows. i am so crazy with makeup... but cute things just get to me! i looked up online and saw urban decay book of shadows a newer one and sephora blockbuster for holiday looks promising... i love sephora!

hehe went to mac and decided to just get those damn expensive lashes that i keep seeing in the japanese mags... it looks so amazing on them! i had to get! and the sales lady told me about the other new things and nude is in this year! so here is my lips... modeling it haha and color on top of it looks a lot lighter? which is pretty cool! idk if i really like nude lips? maybe if i put gloss over it... might look better hehe! ok... i should sleep... its 1 and room is messy from... trying to take pics of things... im a dork haha... its like when im reading new moon till 5... i should stop that! that reminds me i gotta buy the next book! i am sooo hooked on that thing! i didnt want to lol i was like man... those girls... are so crazy... oh lord... now i see why! this stuff is addicting! bella though is not my fave char... and poor jacob got the short end of the stick... i feel him i feel him... :p

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