boring sunday

by - Sunday, September 27, 2009

is it me or is it more of a cleaning/lazy day? hahaha either way im bored... and sick :[ i just feel out of balance at times and headaches... idk whats going on with me! hope nothing serious... so today i started to eat a lot better! this morning mom made some yummy egg veggie stuff and i had a bowl of rice and for lunch had squid with veggies so far so good~ i wanted to go to the state fair today so badly! but its so costly! parking, admision fee, food, rides... blah! i wish it would be cheaper! anywho just wanted to show u ladies my mirror i finally got around to doing! i did it a couple of days ago hehe got most of the things from walmart! its a little plain i knowww! ill add more things to it later hehe

but yeah just some hauls ive been neglecting to post up! sorry sorry hehe so i think i solved my dry skin delema even more! dior hydraction line is great, but fresh has a couple of things im going crazy over! plus it doesnt really have a bad smell to it? hehe i bought fresh rose mask for dry skin, but little did i know there was a black rose mask that was even better? so ill exchange it later mmm there was this moisturizer made with bees wax and other things and u barely need much to cover the entire face! but the little jar of goodness is 135 dollars... *sigh* ill wait on that till im out of my moisturizer :D i exchange my foundation since it was a bit dark... and fall is creeping in so i fell in love with the stila lip gloss with somethin in it that is supose to calm the mood? some plant extract haha i love combining two lipglosses together... brings out more of a lush look muah! hehe and of course blotting papers that was only 5 bucks :D i swear i love the sweet steals! always something new!

mmm some travel stuff! needed more eyelash glue and decided im not going to pack as much makeup as i did last year! and i got the last shimmer powder with pink and gold omg... love it... dior hands down is my fave thing in the world! and some to go evian spray when things get cakey! went to cvs also and got more things mmm... im not too crazy about drug store brands... never really cared for it, but i saw couple of reviews on the almay adjusting blush and the eyeliner from fafinette and mmm... products are okieeeee eyeliner took forever to dry... im more of a quick and go type of girl hahahah XD eyeliner was all over my lids T_T
anyways im craft cazy! if anyone knows any great sites for me to googly eye at please tell me! im in search of rhinestones and what not at like a reasonable price rawr i wish we had deco stores... i would buy everything!! not kidding haha anywaysss hope everyone had a good weekend and staying healthyyy! i swear allergies are going to kick my butt soon! not looking forward to it T_T

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