hehe im not dead!

just super busy lately! vegas trip is closing in and im trying to think if i should buy deco stuff!? but i need to save up for trip T_T blah! so yeah not much with me! think im going to skip the state fair T_T everyone is so busy! oh well... need to save up anyways! LOL not doing so good? i have a lot of haulage! but i needed some? bahahahah! ooo i found amazing stuff that makes me feel like... i have baby skin! LOVE IT! ill post later on it! fresh is yummy yummy!

hahah i should be getting ready for work -_-;;
anyways hope you ladies have a good weekend!

Phiphi Nguyen


rae630 said...

have a great weekend! <3 Rina

lisaa__ said...

im with ya! ive been trying to save money too but its sooo hard being a shopaholic that i am >__<

Shopn'Chomp said...

I lurve Vegas. Lucky girl! When are you going? I'm sure you will have a blast! :)