double overtime! adventures and circle lense

by - Thursday, August 27, 2009

idk wahah hello ladiesss sorry ive been away just working a lot more since we had to let go of other receptionist since shes going to college station, but oh well! last weekend i decided to go out and look for asian gift shop that a friend on youtube talked about on her vids! i like meeting ppl on there and on myspace its super fun! so its a little further from hmart in carrolton, but its in the dallas area geesh dallas has everythingggg! so when i went it was pretty clean and cute?! it had two gift shops in there and some crepe shop like the ones in jap dramas? but it was like 15 bucks ;_; uhhh looool idk if its worth that much! cousin went with me and she said they have a lot of that in seattle boo~ going there next summer hehehe so anywayss! they sell a lot of japanese cosmetics! i was in freakn heavan!!!! and they had anna sui stuff woooOOOOoo! but the makeup wasnt really worth it... and she didnt have much variety but she had mirror and brush thing and i hadddd to get it! i love anna sui soaps and mirrors the packaging is super cute! and they had a lot of other stuff that blogger beauties wrote good reviews on so i bought! and i must say the shampoo and cond is amazing... hair is super soft! and way cheaper than pureology wehehe!

so yeah its called world asia market and if your in the dallas area u should check out the gift shops! so asian hehe! we ate um some chinese next to it? iiiiiii didnt really like it much? plus it was so awkward! like... we were infront just thinkin if we should eat here or not and everyone was staring? one waitress decided to check on us and she spoke chinese at first so we were like... uhhh.... then she spoke super fast! shes like "oh u wait for someone?" i was like.... yes... thinkin she would go away LOOOL but noooo shes like "oh the big tall guy with phone? oh he was here but he went somewhere" omg... we died... ahahahah! i felt bad... we said no we wernt and decided to try it out XD food was not really all that yummy ><;; we had garlic greens, flat beef noodles, and spicey crab thing. now... idk my cousin she is so thin and i hate herr! she eats like a cow and stays thin T_T!!! so... her bf was like u can eat the shell and what not so she did? now crab to me... is a lot of work! and they cut it up so it was harder. but she cleaned her plate and only left the claws... im like oh lord how does your stomach do ittt! so i scared her ahahah iw as like u know... ur stomach can get holes and tear, it cant digest that well LMAO!!!! shes like 0_o

IT was a fun day i kinda needed it! been working alot more now blehhh! ohh i came home from work today and recieved a lovely package frm pretty & cute aka janie who is the most helpful most sweetest girl ever! i cant believe i didnt find her sooner! now ive been wearing lenses since jr. high and i must say i wish i would of cared for my eyes better! i wore colored lenses andd prescriptive ones from friend so i messed up my eyesite very young... and circle lenses i didnt take proper care so i scratch theem up pretty bad and my eyes are super dry... lool sorry for all the bad stuff just trying to help you out so that you dont go through what i did!
how to care for lenses and apply them:
now when u open them do not wear them yet! make sure u clean them with solution for five seconds both sides and rub them. then place them in eye case and store away for four hours before wearing. why four hours... if you wear thtem right away in a couple of hours your vision would get cloudy and prob irritaite your eyes so dont risk it.

when you are about to put them it use one had to open your eye and other to place lense in. make sure the lense isnt flipped out or that mother will hurt like hell! its not really hard to tell if it flips out, the lense goes outward instead of up if that make sense... and the rim of the lense is lighter in the inside so thats another way u can tell. if its your first time it will be difficult but dont worry you will get it in soon enough! and it will be al ot easier
now do not wear them for more than 4 to 6 hours! circle lenses do dry out your eye since it is pretty big and a harder type of lense? Mmm... and def do not sleep with them in... i did this many times and my eyes are pretty scratched up and damaged so do not sleep with them in or nap ahahaha! when taking them out push the lense down and take tem out by pinching it.never do it when on the pupil! eyes are very important yeah? XD so follow my steps and you will be fineeeee!
dont wear them everyday let your eyes breathe! eyedrops that i reccomend is alcon, rohto, and artificial tears. i dont like visine since well it didnt really help me out and i heard it was bad for your eyes if you use too much. just apply drops every so often. hehe i pretty much wear my lenses on special occasions or in my makeup vids. they make me well i love them... im addicted to lenses! and if you take the proper care you will be fine! they come in different ranges so its good bingo and cheap!

i tried many many sites... one i will not go back is idk... they are not the best? and way expensive! they sell per lense not by pair.... and other sites i had prob with shipping and waiting too long for lenses... like four to five weeks? i was pretty pissed... im not going to say what site since ppl might get upset, but i mean if you are going to do a business you cant make excuses? a lot of ppl depend on sellers to get orders done not complain and yeah we all have lives. so ive been ordering from circle2u for awhile cuz i thought blogger sites were like fake and so yeah... i soo wished i found janies site first! she answers questions fast and so is recieving them! and it comes in first class mail well protected! i think is worth trying. fast responses and shipping = happy phi hehe and she sells japanese cosmetics and lashes! i want to buy some bottom lashes sooo badly!!! hehe i got a new pair of green lenses!!! and a SUPER CUTE HELLO KITY case for it!!! omg... it comes with a lil bottle and tweezers to take them out! if you buy lenses you get a case i think or for cheaper. hehe def try it out! plus if five ppl refer me i get a free lense! the green lenses were free since i had AMAZING PPL REFER ME! thanks so much hunnie bunnies! ill do a tutorial lter on how to care for them! so refer refer refer! and message me if you do? so i know how many i get hehe!

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