thank you so much! fab shopping

by - Monday, October 05, 2009

so hahah yesterday i went to hmart and that is all the way in dallas! so i decided to stock up on asian snacks and sweets to giveaway? like lolipops and what not when i am done with collecting things for shop. yes! i am making online shop soon full of nail goodies and what not! hehehe!! its been a very slow process, but im thinking im so ready to open one for you ladies! so def watch out for that!!!

omg so these cheese type of cake stuff is amazing? well i only tried the original, but when i saw all these flavors... i was like omgahhh! i got them all hahaha! so hopefully its good! and some chips! shrimp flavor chips arnt as bad as it sounds?! its pretty yum! and i had to try lobster kind hehe! and some yum yum candies! im not going to eat this in one setting dont worry! ive been obsessing over making cute lunches for myself since fast food and food at the mall isnt the best thing to eat... decided to cook my own things or bring left overs! hehe and i found this cute little bear that can be a piggy bank too!?!? its filled with jello though but im not going to eat it? LOL! its odd flavor... idk... but i like the bear! its piiiiink! and ill put my deco supply in there wahaha!!!

omg! konad stuff is hella expensive in the shop! i wonder if anyone knows a site thats cheap? everything was 7 dollars and up? ._. i wonder if its even worth it -_-'' i call it the cheating nail art HAHA! but it makes things more easy? ;D

bought some hello kitty things! and a phone charm hahaah! i love asian things... but why is it so damn expensive? i really want to like deco my car out in hello kitty! you know... steering wheel covers... seat covers, floorr mats, etc! LOL! i wonder if i can... bling out my car... HAHA! maybe the logo... i shall try! tomorow maybe! if its not raining!
needed more lashes! i ordered some online that was like 2 bucks?! eki had it on her blog haha so i looked around and that site sold many many things! so i ordered some lashes! mmmm... bought some josie marine? i forgot what its called... too lazy to go look but her face wipes holly molly! it is amazing! soft, takes everything off... i love it more than the sephora wipes! these little buggers gets pretty much everything!
im starting to like... watching japanese dramas... idk what im watching now but its with this teacher and these bad students who are all boys... and the teacher is secretly in a gang? well her family is haha! and when the boys get into trouble... teacher comes save the day and give the guys who is beating on her student a lecture... which is so gay... she beats everyone up! but the guys are hot! well two... LOL!

andddd i also bought a dress for 65% off at macy!? i thought it was pretty to wear around the house heheh! anywhooo manage to do all my morning glory things and now need to get ready for work! hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and good week! and thanks to you guys who are helping me out with the contest! i am very very thankful and hope you guys win and me too! hehe

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