trying to be productive!

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2009

lol smiley face ;D hehe hello ladiesss so it was a pretty good morning? manage to do a lot of vids for my channel! excited! right before work too! went in around 2? so yeah lots of stuff to edit! i wish i was art student thing to get those photoshop programs for cheap... BLAH! maybe i should ask my friend if i can use her id? but yeah today was pretty boringggg i hope tomorow would be more fun? i get to open the salon tomorow... wahooo... and after that babysit? which is fine haha i love my witto cousins and miss them! so yeah! going to vegas in october and seattle in dec? i have to save up mad money! i lost money in vegas i believe... shopping and gamblin is not a good combination??! and seattle has a variety of things and maybe asian beauty products that ive been oh so longing to buy! hehe.

just a small haul? i bought a lot of sephora stuff to try out and it was sooooOOoo cheap hehe eyeliners, mascaras, lipgloss and omgee... ladies the new eyeshadows that are coming out? IS EFFING AMAZING!!!! the colors are wonderful and the pigment is wonderful! i played with some and colors were so true even without primer lalalal love it! i think sephora brand is stepping up the game hehe their new double ended brushes? im so itching to buy... but gah i have a so many brushes T_T i wanted to buy macs anual sale kits that they have every year? this year they have plenty... last year was hot mess hahaha! but i didnt see much love for this year stuff. ohhh i also got benefits new perfume? the packaging and bottle is super cute!

hehe so today i cooked a lot of stuff? idk... mom wanted chicken wrap so i made that, korean pork stuff, and lemon pepper shrimp mmmm! i dont like shrimp... but fam does hahaha! chicken omg i cant cut that stuff! whole chicken... i was like... going at it... and barely even got as much meat as i should of??? mom was yelling at me for being wasteful and she made soup haha! shes like, "ur going to be broke the way u cook! " im just ok whatever... i like cooking different things mostly korean stuff idk ist just sooo tasty! i should learn vietnamese to make my moma proud? ;D i know how to make egg drop soup if that counts... and fish sauce thingo majigger... ahahahah! im so like white wash... ghetto wash yuh

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