i have a hole in my wallet :]]] fun times funt times

by - Friday, July 31, 2009

sooo ive been busy! cousins came to tx for a week or so dont remember but i tried my best to give them a fun time? plus spend a lot blah! but it was worth ittt i had sooo much fun! hehe went to razoos for cousins 21st birthday and ordered fish bowl thing that tasted soooo yum! lool it was like community bowl... LOL and she got caked in the face too but i didnt take pic it was fun though we got the band to sing happy birthday to her so it was sweet hehe i bought her a sephora bag that is like a hanging bag? well it has two bags inside and i filled it with makeup and some asian scented stuff from bath and body hehe

went to a gift shop too and bought some cute stuff! i know... im like too old for this stuff... i cant help itttt its so adorable... i want a pink house with hello kitty everywhere! well its a dream ;D hehee but yeaahh we went to ktown to do some kareoke and like... we went there really early well like at 8 and my voice i found out i sound like a cat crying... and that i can do some rappn yuh... hardcore singing at family kareoke spot! place hahaha but omg we went exploring at korean mart, shops and just a lot of fun stuff! went to hmart to take pictures, couple of malls, ate out a lot! not all in one day just for like week and a half haha! its nice hanging out with me hehe if u live in dallas or dfw yeahhhh! i like hanging out! gimme your digits ;D

went to nordstrom and bought some mac stuff hehe i wanted to see their anual sale thing they have in july? they still had a lot of bags and such but i wasnt crazy for it... just bought a tinted moisturizer and a finishing powder :3 ill try them out tomorow! i bought an egg sponge at sephora??? i saw some girl use it on youtube and thought it was sooo neat! so i saw it and haaad to have it!! loool... im gay ;D

mmm my flat iron broke so i had frizzy nasty hot mess hair for couple of days so i had to do scrunchy messy hair look for a little bit but nowww i finally got myyy babylissssss doood this flat iron is amazing... i wanted the smaller one that has a set heat? but big one is fine! quickly heats up and get this... u know how chi has only one year warranty? babyliss has 4 yrs... tell me... that isnt the shit? i told my friend i wanted to bling it out like the million dollar chi i saw in a mag once.... that would be sooo amazingly cute! i saw this lady with a zebra print blow dryer with hot pink trim... omgee... gotta check out ulta during holidays hehe also got some root juice hehe fudge products are crazy fun and it works pretty good with voluming my hair :D
hahaha! so yeah i did major shopping today? i had this 30% off card thing for gap and old navy so i bought many tops and a pair of jeans that are suuuuper soft! but trying to find jeans that dont make me look even shorter is hard... i hate having to get get them shorten up? takes awhile... hahaha but it was good bingo hehe i love plaid patterns mmm farmer looking stuff? and casual v neck shirts LOOOVE them right now. ohhh i bought these nike shocks that is all black with glitter? last pair and im like... doooooood bling on my shoes tooo!?!? LOL! im going to go join 24 hour fitness with cousin and we are going to take classes and what not and i totally left it in the car plus its raining lool.
ohhh hair products i really want to try is phyto omg... lady put some serum and something else and my hair felt so soft... i was like... omgee... im bad... i know... im just obsessed with hair and what not! im a student... of the... hair... so its ok! :D:D:D:D its for school :D:D:D:D:D:D HA! hehe night :D

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