house warming party

by - Monday, August 17, 2009

hehe hello ladies! long time no blog iii knowwww hectic week... pretty hectic, but i had fun! brought both sides of the family together so it was nice to see everyone and co workers hehe! so in the morning i woke up at nine? blah soo not a morning person! and i sleep on the phone with bf... i know... so bad for the cell lool but that sucker stayed on for 8 hours?! usually it turns off after three LMAO! so i was like.... "babe?.." and he just... was confused lool hate himmm moving around so muchhh and then my mother came in and yelling like an insane woman! pretty hectic and stressful.. had to drive an hour away to get some dame eggrolls.. and hour back home? WTH! and when i returned home i had to go to walmart and buy hot links and iceeee.... loool i was really cranky and yelling at my mom on phone since she cant hear me... hahaha so ppl were like O_O hehe got a starbucks right after since i got gift card from manager... so i was chill laaax~

but party was fun! got to see my cutie patootie cousinsss and ate so many thinggggsss... my family is pretty into that... curse, good luck,asian... lame... stuff... LOOL like... inviting guest is good luck and leave front door open? yeah well we are next to cow um... fields FILLED with flies so guess who was in charge of swating flies? take a guess :] LOL so yeah we had a roasted whole pig in the middle of the room offering it to dead... ppl in fam for respect or something idk it always scared me... for some reason.. im not asian enough as you can tel.. i get freaked out sometimes by traditions and what not? im like thats not the catholic way... ahahha if you know me and my family... you would know how hardcore catholics they are... and mixing it with vietnamese traditions look a hot mess? we had like co workers there and they were like.... wth is this... pig worshipers? XD i bet they were thinkin it wahaha

so haulage before the party i got some sephora eyeshadows that i am in love with? the pigments gotten... A LOT BETTER! like no joke... these colors look amazing without primers... not saying u shouldnt wear it but geez... im in love... i want to buy all of them! but im not too crazy with the shadows that have the shimmers? ist too big and my eyes get irritaited easily by them... sooo ill just go for the ones without hehe and im loving the "sweet steal" products. its like 8 bucks? some large size some smaller of the real products? idk if that makes sense but i got boing in number two with a eye bright by benefit idk i get bare minerals and benefit confused... dont ask me why... so yeah im thinking about doing sandra park eyes with my new shadows and hehehe yeah! i should save...

finally found out how to get my vids? but u have to pay after free trail? lool just using to get old vids into new account! so happy yaayy dont have to redo as many! omg... g dragon solo??? blonde hair waaaaaaaaa? new mv is hotttt i wanna replicaite that look... hehehe! my friends i love them... so kroean obsessed? always keep me in check with those hotties hehe his songs are actually pretty hot! and the beats are niiiice! hehehe and u can see im hello kitty obsess i know... i know... i just cant help it? ive been loving it since i was youngggg! and i know im on xanga hahaha! but there are some pretting interesting reading on there! found some amazingly awsome girls on there that i admire a lot? secret... crush if i should say hehe

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