gucci is love and some drama fo yo mama

by - Friday, August 07, 2009

hahaha so like... dsw is a banging place?! sells tokidoki?! but yeah 60% off for gucci today i was like having orgasmic mind blowing lala land face going on u had no idea... crazy ppl put all the gucci in the front... thats like... so evil in a way HAHAHA! but yeah i spent 500 today on me... parents were like are u on crack!? uhhh if crack is shopping addiction then i guess yes... shiiett... i so didnt mean to LMAO but i couldnt help it... had to match ya knowww?! they had a larger darker bag but no wallets to match hahaha its so cute i couldnt resist sales on big names ya diig? haha kidding!

but yeah... morning was amazing, but later on the day bunch of drama? i was cursed out, threaten, and almost got dumped? (sounds horrible) but yeah... soo apparently other receptionist is bi polar? and rude as hell... she accused me of over charging her mom who, in fact, i dont know who the hell she was? there was a lot of... mothers... i dont really want to get into cuz im not a gossip type... i just hate people who accuse me of things and are rude. first off... you are an adult? act like one. second off dont point fingers and fuckin like.. mind ur own damn business? dont start crap if u dont know its simple? im not a mean person... just dont treat me like that? anyways i didnt deserve it... i was already upset with another... but in the end it all worked out? the receptionist called and apologize after i told her off for the wrongs that she did without raising my voice...

idk... relationships... trying to understand ppl... this is so difficult... status of families wth is all this? money i swear corrupts ppls minds... why cant we be happy in love with someone just bc? why does family have to butt in and say shit... idk i ignore my family, but its getting bf stressed out... and trying to talk to ppl who acuse u of wrong is just as hard... u have to hear a lot of shit and then explain yourself... its like damn... family work moneyyyy why cant it just be easy??? i wish like i can balance it all without having probs but yaaaaa nothing is easy right? always have to work hard for what u want and for others.

mmm... sorry for such a bad post im just really sad right now... ppl can just say the most awful things... and my vids.. mmm... if u dont like it please just turn it off watch somethin else? not trying to waste ur time jsut sayinnn? lool mmm writing makes me feel so much better... i should buy a notebook and write when im stressed crying out angry tears make me look a hot mess the next day which is... bad... hehe im going to sleep wooo~ maybe tomorrow will be better.

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