stressed, fan girl crushes, and my mini haul

by - Thursday, January 15, 2009

omg americas best dance crew... quest is finally on that show! i was wondering when they would pop up! im like... big nut case fan... like major... ryan omg... hes my husband he just doesnt know yet! hehe sooo yeah... they are like amazing! each and every one of them! most of them tried out for so you think you can dance? ryan and hok made it in the show, but didnt win the gold boo waha! but yeah i hope they winnnnnn! its funny... i found ryan off of youtube and like had fan girl crush on him for years!!! im so happy that they got this farr :D:D:D

mmm ok so today i bought nars deep throat blush? haha! i love it... all the dirty little names for pretty colors... its amazing! and i also bought alot of sephora jumbo cream pencils! im so excited to use them as a base color ahuhhhhhhhhh! and i also went to bath and body, they have sales but i got carried away... spent 50 bucks... but i mean i love the stuff! pink pink pink! i also got pink crocks from dillards! 23 bucks... that is... a good bingo! shopping makes me happy but when i look into my card balance... i get so depressed T_T

hehe... but yeah... oh my birthday i had dinner with fam at papaduex? idk how to spell it but i had lobster and oysters and calamari? fat ass!?! i know... it was grrrrrrrrrreat! no pressies though so bummed out... parents are like saying they poor whihc makes me mad... dad buys some clothing line called bejeweled? i never heard of it but its expensive and it loooks like a knock off of ed hardy... well from what i seen on my parents... i dont get it! mom is always saying we are broke? they dont like to shop at walmart, they let my younger siblings have golf lessons, my dad decked his hummer with wood finishing in the inside, buy crappy loooking clothes, i dont get it? we have two hummers, bmw, jeep, honda civic and yeah parents are about to get a huge ass house out in country area... im just mad... sorry.. i just hate it when my mom lectures me for an hour saying we dont have money... bs!

im cranky... bf has no text left and i hate not hearing from him... my closet is a mess and im babysitting blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! amd plus my defensive driving test wasnt accepted bc it was late T_T ive been busy with school and work and babysitting for the night... i have to show up in court on feb 4th for a hearing T_T hes nt going to accept my ticket T_____T and then my parents are going to yell at me for putting it off for so long........ life is spiraling down boo.... i am worry wart i know...

oh monday... ppl asked about the phone bling? i got it from joanne and micheals sorry if i spelt wrong ><;; and my nails for the week i guess :D lol i also made ghetto pizza that day too! its not that bad! at first i was like wth... but it tasted okie! i guess ill post recipe?

what u need:
bread slices
tomato paste
slice of cheese
olive oil
garlic salt

- ok so toast the bread first ( i didnt do this step and the bottom ended up being soggy T_T) like very lightly toast it bc you are going to put it in the oven
- drizzle olive oil on both sides and lightly sprinkle the garlic salt
- spread tomato paste onto toasted bread very lightly! too much and it will taste ew ;D
- use peperoni for toppings!
- place in oven till bread gets golden brown and walaaaaa u have ghetto pizza! :D:D:D:D:D

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