happy chinese new year! mini haul and what not

by - Sunday, January 25, 2009

happy lunar day/chinese new year! i wonder if everyone celebrates it? like other asian.... ethnicities... ._. i know philopinos dont i just wonder if its chinese and vietnamese? i should google and find out but im too lazy! i know its been awhile for a new post? i have many drafts that ive done, but havnt finished without pictures? simply bc im too tired to edit and what not? stressing out blah but ill try harder to be more active with you ladies :D

today i went to vietnamese church for new years theres always a show with the dancing dragonsa and fireworks outside then inside we have games for kids and adults. theres also live shows with kids from church and old woman singing traditional viet music... god it sounds like someone is dying sometimes... thats my opinion! wahah XD i just dont feel for that stuff i guess? but yeah had fun playing with my little cousins and seeing some people from sunday school classes back in the day... i swear i was outcast... i dont really know any vietnamese... and i guess kids back then thought i wasnt like good enough?? most were straight up from mother land and of course i was diff and stood out like sore thumb! i remember the teacher would sit me in the corner and i would sleep most the time or skip classes yeahh... and i attended viet school up into... high school... i would still be in the effing corner! they had like special classes for like the kids that cant learn viet LOL! i swear that class was more for the bad kids... so yeah a lot of sweet memories came back that day.. it was great <3

hehe dont laugh at me! but yeah haul haul haul! i read some of my comments and made me think that... i do have a lot of dior stuff? i use to be invited to events for dior makeup and got signed up to be dior diva and wat not haaaaaaa! i just love ittt... its classy looking and i think its pretty and smells really nice too! just over all... makeup is beautiful and i love all the eyeshadow colors and lip glosses! they have new nude line that i want to try out so very badly! i have to wait though... going to vegas in feb so im trying to save up as much as i can! 21 now hehe so im going to gamble gamble gamble! love vegas i go like... every year! love the lights, the mall, and hotel! so pretty there mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! but yeah saving saving saving! kinda... lol i bought this dior mini bag package that sells the iconic and a mini lipstick! i wanted to try out the mascara so why not get that? i thought it was cute :D also bought brow pencil and soo i have no brows... its really thin and light colored? i had them colored twice and i still dont see anything... i am jealous of the blessed people with brows! so i am stuck with coloring them in now hehe :D also bought lorac tantalizer, toofaced snow bunny, sephora shimmer pot, pop lid bronzer.

im starting to like the gyaru bronzed beauties hehe, but im going to look into lighter spring colors! im also waiting for mac's hello kitty line mmmm.... so much going on in feb! so much to save up for :D so yeah in pic i used all the things i bought in my haul waha i love pops colors so yum! so many new things at sephora... looked online and they have omg so much... i also want to try out the bb stuff you pretty bloggers are talking about lately... it makes me so itchy to tryyy! im a little iffy about it, but i like how tia and xpink look so beautiful and flawless mmm hehe

hehe so bought bf ed hardy key thingy so cute! i like buying him little stuff that turns into too many things? wonder if he will get sick of it ha! i buy a lot of asian foods to turn him into fatty hehe since he lives in the country?? soooo no asian snaks?! also bought some for his parents haha
mmm that big dork got injured playing football? some loser steped on his... leg with the pointy spike shoes?? omg... just thinking about it makes me shiver D:!!! but yeah... i wonder if hes mad at me hhehe hes prob going to read this later, but he called me when i was watching tv and uncle comes bustin in yelling so that bf can hear him through the phone? askin him if he gave me new year money lol! here ill just type it out..

uncle: what?! what is he?
me: hes pacific islander?
uncle: WHAT?!
me: nvm hes mexican
uncle: (leaves)
bf: WHAT?!
me: ooo.... uh
bf: what im mexican?! im pacific islander! im going to drop kick your throat!
me: T_T
uncle: (comes back) tell your watever bf he better give you your new year money or ill beat him up!
bf: wth?!
me: oh lord...

hehe our relationship is great... i was laughing through the whole convo though hehe idk! ok ok soo i know couples of little pet names for eachother, but the one my bf gave me is lame... he was watching discovery channel and like it was on blue footed booby birds and some howwww that made him think of me?? so under his phone i am boob face or watever! wth and sometimes i say it on our convo and people look at me funny haha but he continues to say it and now i am stuck with it ;D
but yeah ladies trying to update more! i have some vids i need to fix up and post on youtube! i have more days off so hopefully i will get more done dear viewers! fear not phi will return :p
sweet dreams everyone!

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