by - Thursday, April 24, 2008

ahh so i promised myself i would write on here everyday, but i guess ive been busy being lazy hehe. i finally made a youtube vid on makeup! score! and i recieved some sweet comments so im going to go post another one soon! maybe on seventeen mag makeup looks :]

ok low down... im not with jimmi anymore and it feels so wierd! we still talk and stuff... hes so understanding and gosh i dont think i should have a guy like him ><;; but things happen and ehh i wish i can be a better person :[ i can be so selfish sometimes and mean blah i wanna change! its a slow progress...
weather is getting hot and humid blah! all these tornado and thunderstorm watch crap is sooo depressing! made cucumber sandwhich? soo cuuute and yum! idk... icky weather makes me want to cook ._.

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