important day

by - Thursday, April 03, 2008

i woke up so early for wha? thought i worked today... and i feel icky still :[
dad wanted me to pick up the bmw from my uncles dads place? and everyone was still asleep soo wasted my morning! went home and fell asleep :D
to be continued....

i forgot to write an entry yesterday ;_;
sooooo yesterday a really good friend of mine had her baby around 12! i wasnt up till... 12:40?? but i jumped out of bed and called her bf a million times to see if it was true! sooo i rushed to get ready, went to work to get my check, got into a fight with my mother hehe. idk... my mom gets mad easily and i guess i get amused easily bahaha it was over money and how im wasting my time working for her... idk mom always told me i dont know when to shut my mouth... cant help it :]
next with me before i freak out... i hate downtown so much... i get lost all the time, scary hobos everywhere... get panick attacks... its not fun! so confusing! but i managed to find it and got to see her babyyy! it was so tinyyy and she looked fine for having a c section? the room was really niceee there was a hide away bed, flat screen tv, and alot of sculptures in the hallways and the view was really nice too~
i was like the only asian in that room... and i kinda hogged the babies haha ;D
but it was nice to see her since i left dillards :]

mmm after that went to moms for pho<3
when we were all done eating i had to settle business with my father :]
so he found a cheaper way for me to go to cosmo school thats own by his friend. he told me schools doesnt matter bc i will get more training from alot of ppl, but its a viet kind of school... prob going to be super ghetto... im super excited...

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