by - Tuesday, April 08, 2008

hello dear blogger!

today was amazing! havnt shopped like this in sooo long! recieved my tax return sooo i hit up the mall and spent 200 on... a shirt, sweater, dress, flip flops, and hello kitty stuff :D
forever 21 and sanrio is like amazing.... they gave me huge bags so i was waddling a little when i walked around... yuh... i think i got a workout on my left arm XD


phone black berry pearl
background: dior in pink
ringtone: gummy - im sorry
charms: hello kitty, juicy couture, minnie mouse

hmmmm i feel like when im with someone i just regret saying yes? i know its not like being married, but u have to commit to them and all that. i am, but its hard sometimes. i am an angry person, a naggy person, a quite person... ehhh i hate these qualities? yeah i guess im pretty, but idk i lack in things... that shouldnt be??? blehhh why do crazy ppl like me for? XD do they fall for my awsomely large cheeks? my wierd facial expressions? or my oh so high pitch voice?waaaaaaaaaa... i shall never know :]

OK OK extreme makeover now! hehe jk. sooo i did a before and after pic of my free face vs. makeup face. ehhhhh sorry for my faces ><;; but it was requested by two of my oh so lovely friends and ill share it with my dear blogger! so makeup... i like my foundation sheer? i rarely break out, just have a little bit of blemish and freckles ><; so i want to even the skin tone :]
i also color in my eyebrows to make them more define. i use macs eyebrow shader in porcelain brown. i love mac... and dior eyeshadows! colors are A M A Z I N G! should try them out :] kk enough of my ranting! here are the pics!

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