I want to make new friends

by - Tuesday, June 24, 2008

hello everyone~
so i know its been a really long time since i posted and im sorry for that! been really busy with summer and all hehe. hmmmm lets start off on how my life is goin? im going to cosmo school to be a cosmotologist! ill be doing hair, face, and nails which i am really excited about because i am into japanese nail art and want to do the whole 3-d art and have like a princess style :]
its really hard i must say! i bought many rhinestones, pearls, nail art stickers, and beads so i hope i come through with all this :D
hmmm im posting videos on beauty tips and im getting alot of suscribers and it makes me just ahhh so happy! its also helping an increase of friend adds on myspace hehe
i just want myself to be out there? want to have... a little fame lol, but on my way... i did run across ppl that didnt like me? haters? but i dont let that stop me from doin what im doin :D
hmmm i have the cutest boyprend in the world ;DDDDDDDDDD he makes me smile so much and ahhh i feel so chill with him :] known him for... 3 years and i mustard the courage to ask him out cuz... he was chicken butt? mhm :D
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that is the exciting things that happend! oh i also have a new baby cousin! her name is sophie dang (._.) last name... idk haha its vietnamese but but she is adorable! i love watching her even though it throws my sleep patterns off! shes just... a wonderful baby :]
ill try to write more... when im stressed i should write... im the type that get grey hair when under stress? like... its awful and wierd... it will be black grey black? instead of just being all grey lmao idk! i freaked when i found... but yup! more to come!

omg i so missed the point of my title!!!! i really want to make friends in other countries!!!! i want to learn new things... like the culture and all that good stuff! i love to cook and make crafts and hope i can find ppl that like the same things!

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