Beauty obsessions?

by - Tuesday, April 01, 2008

simply phi.
no photoshop, no fine lighting.
someone told me i am too harsh on myself... i guess its true. i dont really know how to see myself as pretty enough? so i am obsessed with pricey cosmetics... spending hours on my image...
its hard looking at me without my mask on...
nobody notices me without it.

{ morning }
i started off with a nice relaxing shower following with a melon sugar exfoliant i bought from target which is amazing! i thought maybe since i woke up so early i should pamper myself! after that i looked up home remedies online and found a facial that brightens and tightens your skin! it consist of.... egg whites! :D just need one egg and rub it all over your face and leave it on for about 15 mins! i couldnt really move my mouth when i had it on... and if you know me... i always laugh at anything so yeah... torture... but i felt the results! do it once a week for a month... im super excited hehe

i took food to my moms house for my brothers and sister to eat :]
they are so lazy i swear... eat junk food all the time! so i brought left over korean ribs from uncles party and goshhh they ate all of it :D
hanged out with my siblings and cooked dinner for my mom, made spaghetti, salad, and gaarlic bread! im just feeling so super hero hehe

came home to some tricksters! not going to say any names! haha hmmm some how the past was brought up and just rememberin how we all met and ahhh its really sad cuz i miss it so much! i dont really like ppl going away from my life, but the ones that come back are truely amazing people :]

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