My first post

Hello world.

i think i accomplished alot of things today! learned some useful tips from a nigglet and managed to watch coffee prince at the same time... i felt like a super hero? i really like my blogger! so simple and clean~

reason why i want to do blogs... well i want to be an official ulzzang? not the one that gets pics stolen and have credits given to my fakes bleh.... so i made a yahoo 360 account plus a flickr account. i guess i have an obsession with ulzzangs.

hmmm this online journal i guess can be my journey on achieving my goals, see my struggle in everyday life, just see things the way i see it :]
oh and seeing me friends journey too! i hope we can keep up with writing on blogger :]
hes very very special bahahah 4 years with this dorky fellow hehe.

Phiphi Nguyen


iNugget said...

and the world replies:

"ello! cutie pie! Hope you are having a wonderful day. :)"

iNugget said...

damn dude.. this is the cutest post i've ever read. hehe...

you just made me feel all warm and cuddly inside phi! GOSH!! there goes my manly points down the drainn!.. i'm just kiddin. you just made me feel like i'm your special sidekick. :)

4 years.. eww. thats too long.

i guess now i can rant on my blogg about what i hate and shiiit and not keep it in and bust it out on someone double time huh?