My first post

by - Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello world.

i think i accomplished alot of things today! learned some useful tips from a nigglet and managed to watch coffee prince at the same time... i felt like a super hero? i really like my blogger! so simple and clean~

reason why i want to do blogs... well i want to be an official ulzzang? not the one that gets pics stolen and have credits given to my fakes bleh.... so i made a yahoo 360 account plus a flickr account. i guess i have an obsession with ulzzangs.

hmmm this online journal i guess can be my journey on achieving my goals, see my struggle in everyday life, just see things the way i see it :]
oh and seeing me friends journey too! i hope we can keep up with writing on blogger :]
hes very very special bahahah 4 years with this dorky fellow hehe.

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