Thai Food Festival and Scarborough Festival

by - Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello cutieee! It has been awhile! Here is a personal post from my last weekend which was much needed! I have been in a funk of a mood and just wanted to go out... be away from the stress and over thinking! A friend of mine worked with this company to set up the thai festival in dallas which was featured on the news so there were a diverse group of ppl! Usually it was only a thai type thing so it was really great experincing the culture! I have been to a laos temple, but it had nothing on this! I loved the art and the beauty of the place, it reminded me of a book I use to have as a child and it had a lot of gold in the art work and it was beautiful how it was drawn... Wish I could remember the story, but it looked heavily influenced by the thai culture! The food was amazing and the culture is rich! It rained the last day, but it was nice... weather was super hot and sticky so we needed the cool air! I also got hooked up with free stuff and food so keep a note... last day of fairs get hookups lol!

On memorial day I found out it was last day for Scarborough Festival which is a renaissance fair and i just love everything about it... olden times, the outfits, the food, the buildings... I am an old soul and I just love this type of stuff... Not many understand me and the things I like, but its so nostalgic in a way? or romantic haha they have wedding ceremonies there also! I wouldnt mind having such a special event there! My auntie did and it was beautiful! I overall love that people get into character and have a great time.... I wish I could go everyday and actually enjoy every little thing there, but it got pretty pricey hahah i believe i spent about $200 on myself! with all the nicknaks that i bought and food lawdy! But I had a great time hehe it will be my second time going!

Akon is coming up which is an anime convention and i was thinking about doing a gypsy attire... or something fun! I am a super nerdy at heart! I will try to be more active on things and keep you guys posted... My diet is ok for now I am going to start working out and eating clean again! May is about to be over and I wanted to start june off with some serious business! Hope you guys have a great and safe weekend!

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