DIY: Pearl Cat or Bear Ear Headband

by - Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello everyone! SOOOOoOooOoOo Im sure you guys are aware of the super trendy cat ears lately on the american scene even though its been out for quite awhile lul I remember seeing them in japanese fashion magazine and also making these headbands for last year anime convention, but it wasnt popular in the states yet sigh ( I am too ahead? :P) but now that they are I decided to re-make a couple and sell it this year at the convention and hopefully they will sell better!

This diy is super simple and very inexpensive so I hope you guys give it a try! I wanted to put my spin on it and do the whole thing pearled! Enjoy the video! I love the cover photo hahaha I actually try to make every photo cover for my videos eye appealing at least

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