Life is sweeter when im with you

by - Monday, April 08, 2013

I have been pretty mia from social media life and im sorry! I had a goal plan to upload videos every couple of days or so, but life is pretty busy and hectic... Been going out more and just idk having fun! eating out waaaay too much hahaha i keep slacking on my detox plan i wanted to do for the summer but idk lol! friends always want to go out and eat and its difficult to be on detox... but i need to try... bc my goals in life i want to pursuit so many things hnngggg! But i am glad bc han aka han alexander or han lion or even han the whale is hanging out with me and the bestie more?! shes so tumblr famous idk why? LOL! she is so silly and cute though i love her! and her love for rap and r&b just mind boggles me... well it did the same for her but we connect hahaha!

so many parties and i am such a light weight! so much drama and its turning me into such a cold person... i have no idea but this year has changed my out look on life and ppl drastically mainly because so much has happen to me last year? made an effect on my life. I do regret many things but i guess life and all its mishaps happen for a reason. I fell for someone so hard that i cant believe i cried haha idk i just wanted him? not only that but friends when u come into a point in life where u see how ppl really are? even the ones that been with u for so long... its hard to see the wrong when u are the victim. this is some pretty heavy stuff! keep the ones u trust close to u! i have met many ppl and acquired very few to be my friends so learn from mistakes and grow!

with that being said... i also acquired many haters and what not like i use to want everyone to like me? and show them that im not the person they think i am by my appearance and by what i have? ppl are naturally jealous and ugly some just show it more than others, but tbh i think they are cowards that hide? like go under as anonymous or something like that? i mean i make my videos for ppl who enjoy it? i mean u haters get me paid either way? lol so what if my fingers are small and chubby? i like them haha! its super small and can fit into cracks and crannies! It doesnt really phase me when ppl are mean to me im pretty use it now? it just makes me giggle why ppl have to make an effort to go out their way to bring someone down to make themselves feel better? by all means do what you have to do hahaha

SO thats pretty much it on my end? life is really good right now! i am happy and i have great ppl in my life and meeting more just... it really is sweet and i cant complain! I have lot of goals and many things i want to do! im 25 but i feel like im forever young hehe im going to make big changes and i hope you guys will stick with me through everything! If you encounter me pls come talk to me be a friend haha share a moment! hehehe im going to be attending a lot of events soon and i hope to blog about it! promise im trying to get things into gear just sometime i miss moments or get lazy huehue! have a wonderful week babe!

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