Chinese New Years

by - Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hiiii everyone! if you celebrate lunar new years... hope you had a good one! there was lots and lots of events for the lunar new years and ofc food! i love the little cakes and snacks nomnom! glad the year is over! swear 2012 was bittersweet and hopefully this year, year of the snake, is a good year for me! if your chinese zodiac animal falls under the same year example snake then its suppose to be a bad luck year? if you are into superstition and what not which i am HAHAHA my dad is a snake so his moody bi polar ass will not be fun this year for me sobbing!!!! 

but any whooo the weekend of the new years usually consist of spending time with friends and family which is what i did! very close friends of mine decided to set up shop at thie hong kong market and sell his clothing brand which is loyal kng and there was also a dance battle thing going on so there was food, new year entertainment, bboy sessions, and lots of things to buy haha best of both worlds? does that apply to this? idk but it was a good day! got to see many familiar faces hehehe and we always always eat together in large groups haha so its so fun hanging out and meeting new ppl

on sunday was a day to spend with family and ofc eat lot of good food wish everyone happy new year and recieve red envelopes filled with money!!! we also gamble on this day too! and from past experiences i learned not to play as much since i am bad at gambing.... like im super bad at it and lose all my lucky money hahaha!!!!! 

so for new years i wanted to do a look inspired by red envelopes and the whole oriental feel but it was waaaay to dramatic hahaha so i might just upload this on halloween or around that time! 

overall weekend was amazing and if you guys havent notice the new layout i will be starting to blog more and trying to make it more organized so its easier for you guys to find! im really happy how its simple and easier to navigate! i hope you guys have a good one!

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