Collective Haul for February

by - Saturday, February 23, 2013

I swear February and Wednesday is the strangest thing to spell out... I confuse myself sometimes! thank the lawd for auto spell check! Hehe so here is my monthly collective haul for you all! I did quite a lot of shopping this month simply bc... I needed things for the spring and my obsession usually kicks in during the middle of the month so yes... QUITE A FEW ITEMS! I got my hand on a few new products to try and some oldies but lovelies? The much rave about Cover girl foundation and wet n wild liner in expresso ahhh I cannot wait to try these out!!!!

Lets start off with ebay... I did a lot of shopping here... mostly for things over in asian and its always cheaper to find things on ebay haha! I decided to get the new etude house etionette line and let me tell you this shit is super kawaii des!!! only bad thing about it was the packaging.... is EXTREMELY cheap feeling like those princess toys you had when you were a kid? yeah... for the price point you would think it would be nice quality.. NOPE but its cute either way and I like the look of it on my vanity table! i grabbed the pink blusher, finishing powder and a few lipsticks! i will do a review on these soon! wish i would of read more on them before i bought so many mix reviews lul! I just fell in love with the packaging!

Next few things... I am dieting and working out so I like many others want to speed the process by using firming body products! Ive also bought like the slimming socks and what not too to help the process of getting skinny for summer! I heard of these chili and coffee slimming gels to be extremely hot and effective even burning so I am guessing use in moderation! i also got the bonpresso which my friend uses and she likes so again ill do a review for these soon!

Kawaii goodies... I have a crush on someone and decided to make him match my phone? We both have white iphone 5's and so I got us matching rilakkuma cases hehe! he is obv rilakkuma and I am korilakkuma! He is so cute... he wears the case too even if its a bear! next few things are replacements of things I have lost... GD inspired skull earrings that I adore.... lost in some tragic event... I got replacements that didnt even fit in my ear? I was so mad LOL but I cant do anything about it since I already left a review and its been awhile sigh.. ebay has its bad moments for me... I also got this cute dainty crown ring! Christian and I have a good eye for crowned things since we are like princesses hehe

Onto forever21... I have been trying to avoid the mall since I tend to buy more things... SOoooOooOo I went online shopping and bought quite a few things! I am in LOVE with the oxfords and floral high top sneakers! so spring appropriate! also got a few new jewelry pieces that I might lose soon sigh I always lose jewelry its like a curse

Also stopped by the face shop to grab some goodies since I was running low! and I was super excited to see their face mist was 15% off so I decided to get the orange and flower scented ones! I love face mist just makes my face more dewy and hydrated! also grabbed my favorite nose mask and a new white liner! and the lovely hands are of my friends christian and kristina haha! we went to brown sugar which is an adorable korean cafe with YUMMY ASS WAFFLES!!!! super sugoi if I do say so myself!

After face shop went to the Korean gift stores and grabbed quite a few notebooks and car scents! I bought one for myself and my friend so we can match! Even if its pink... he likes it still so HAHAHA any who I love notebooks and jotting things down... doesnt matter what I just love having notebooks around so I bought these cute chocolate rilakkuma notebooks

And if you guys havent seen the video here it is for the whole haul! I hope you all enjoy and have a GRRREAT weekend! muah xoxo

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