❤ February in a Nutshell

by - Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hello my lovely reader! As you guys know I love valentines with the hearts and the pink and the yummy candies and sweet nothings, but this month has been such a roller coaster of feels... I actually dreaded valentines for some reason... I tend to over think things and making wrong choices and sometimes it can be taken the wrong way sighhhh all in all I regret many things ive done this month sobbing! But life moves on and so do I! Luckily I had someone very special to my heart to spend valentines dinner with and she made me the sweetest card! We went to plano to eat at this japanese restaurant and it was bomb.com!!! I ordered the sushi burrito (after seeing so many pics of it on tumblr)
and that thing was massive! I couldn't finish it sobbing... So mind you I eat out a lot I mean... This is normal thing to do with the crew HAHAHA!

Spending time with friends is what I look forward to after a long week of working so weekends are usually filled with events and what not! and since my mind is not on anyone I go out feeling happy? Like... my priorities tend to be fixated on that person instead of myself like... I put others before myself, but lesson learned... Only do you bc in the end... You are all you have left and nobody will be beside you forever. Sometimes I can give out the best advice to ppl, but when it comes to me I dont really fall through with what I say... SOoOooOOoo with that being said... I am going out more like I use to and just having fun hehe spending time with many ppl to me is an escape! and I am thankful for the people in my life, friendships that were hard to fix... mending really well... I cannot complain life right now is good.

So Lent season is upon us catholic so every friday Ill go out and eat crawfish bc we are not allowed to eat meat? Why is it when we are not allowed something... We want it more than ever? I sure as hell was craving steak or pho bo vien! No lie.... Its torture not having what you want LOL so we found a cure by eating crawfish! LOL! not a bad way to go eh? There is this place my friend owns and they were doing an all you can eat crawfish for $15 um... heck yes?!?!?! Boiling crab is also super nice but expensive.. the choices! so many good foods nomnom! Not to mention other tasty things... Ive been eating very well this month! And Ive been cooking lots lately too... Going to start up a cooking channel on youtube hehe! dont worry you guys... This month was a month to cheat because I am starting this very strict cleanse and it will last for about 2 months of low calorie, very healthy diet and I will do a blog, video on it very soon so you guys can see my transformation!

This month I have learned many things and it opened my eyes to be better to myself and make better choices... I am stronger than I look and I will work on my goals and complete them! I am so pumped for this year you guys! And I will take you on this journey with me! I did two posts in one day... I am quite proud of myself haha! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! xoxo

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