My Birthday Celebration

by - Thursday, January 24, 2013

hello lovely reader! so every year I make dinner plans with friends and every year my group of friends gets larger and larger! i am so thankful for the people i met in my life even if some left i am grateful for the ones who have stayed and who are true! 2012 was very bitter sweet and this year i want to just start new and not have anything bad and build bridges! wich is what i did at this party! soooo many people came maybe around 30? i cried since many had to drive a long way to get to me i was so happy hehe! we ate at tokyo one wich is a buffet of fancy sushi and seafood! it was pretty pricey doe! $30 per person? but food was yum! i didnt eat much since im on diet? no cheat days! well maybe a little hehe!!!

i got so many gifts! im so happy that my friends knew what i liked! even the boys haha i love my boys so much! so glad to have met the loyal kng and be a part of their family! i hope that one day they will grow so big and expand to other places!

after we ate went to main event with the guys since they wanted to chill some more? haha i felt like a kid with them! played laser tag and pool! and a few arcade games! it was.... a much needed night and i hope to have them in my life for a very long time!

and my eye make of the night! wanted to do a sassy smokey eye hehe! and here is also the video! hope you guys enjoy! ive been into dark/smokey type looks lately... sultry is just the way to go~

im... 25 now and my life so far... i did many things but this year i want to make it my year! no slack and  get healthy! i want to look good for summer since i am going to california! there are a lot of people i want to meet and i want a bikini body! i also want to pursuit youtube even more and hopefully make that as my career and just do vlogs and makeup videos hehe everyone is changing this year so i want to make it my best too! and also you of course! have a great weekend and let us try hard for the future!

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