I am at that point.

by - Thursday, March 01, 2012

hey everyone!
like the new blog? easier access for you guys to stalk me in a friendly manner! HAJKLOL! So I hit that point in my life where... I needed to change for the better and not settle for less... All I do is work work work and I want a life and experience things! I am tired of being let down and feel so out of place with myself. So... I am doing me starting now! I am at my fed up point haha! I am joining back at the gym and getting a personal trainer, eating healthier, be more wiser, and stronger... I will never let anyone say or do anything to hurt me anymore. I think ive grown a lot and more open, but being too nice and caring to wrong ppl is my downfall so I need to be wiser, keep calm, stay cool. new motto here on out! with that being said... leggo to that good stuff!

so believe it or not... I am obsessing over making a wad of cash LMAO!!!!!!! I really want one! and plus... im trying to slow down my shopaholic side.... foreals I am!!! I think... I did pretty well for last month! actually no after looking at pictures... I lied LOL I will splurge less this month!

so not going to lie... I sure did tear me up some cvs. LOL cash back thing freaking love it! and couponing just adds to it ( I am such a freak show I know) but the organix conditioner I love! and it was buy one get one half off so... its all good in the neighborhood! and Ive been wanting to try garnier's new 2 in 1 moisture/serum dealio since it got so many good reviews on it had to try! and ive been eyeballin this long stronger hair stuff and I had the extra bucks so I used that and there was a extra $4 for every 10$ u spend on makeup stuff and I needed new liners anyways and I am in love w/ this l'oreal "now you sea me" so fitting for the summer hehe

when I feel blue? I go shopping... money makes me happy and shopping makes me happy if I can marry both... I would hahaha so I got a lot of accessories! Ive been really liking mixture of a lot of styles... is indian cray cray boho a style? LOL I just go nuts for tribal looking stuff! and Ive been really liking lots of stuff what am I even saying hehe

also hit up sephora cuz... I saw the Hello Kitty bag and bam bam boom had to get it! and got urban decay all night setting spray hehe! I love travel sized mini stuff... I was going to buy more.... but I refrained myself... pretty proud pretty proud. :P

heres a most recent video ive done! I really loved this! totally inspired by a painting I did in high school hehehe summer hurry and get here soon!

and a future review on lenses I recieved not too long ago! I love them! so natural looking! and comfy cannot wait to show u guys soon! thats pretty much on my end! So far... I feel ok. I will feel greater soon! have a great weekend everyone!

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