Geo Fresh Colour Circle Lens Review

by - Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hihi my lovely readers! hope you had a fab weekend/week! so im finally doing a review on these beautiful lenses i received from i was so so so happy to receive two from them! i got the geo angel browns and geo fresh browns since i am brown eyed and love natural looking ones with nice fade and design! and so.... they are my favorite especially the fresh lenses! they are so comfortable and dont irritate my eyes at all which is  a BIG deal since my eyes are sensitive! all in all the lenses are great the site is very professional and the lenses are packaged so nicely! they have many to choose from so def go check them out! onto the lens info!

I LOVE THE DESIGN SO MUCH! lol i will for sure order another pair i am so hooked on these! they aren't too crazy big which is good! less oxygen out of the eyes and looks natural?! but still enlarges hehe! ive been wearing them for about 3 or  4 months now and they are still fine woo

lens info:
Diameter : 14mm 
Base curve : 8.6mm 
Center thickness : 0.04mm 
Water content : 38% 
Lasts up to 1 year after opening.
* i give this a 5/5 these i swear i love them so much haha! so comfortable ahhh i cant get over it!
* note though depending how much you wear them it depleats the time u know what i mean? so a year can easily be cut in half if u wear too much! take care of your eyes! they are the only thing u got!

here is a video if u too lazy to read and want to hear my handsome voice! LOL! teasing teasing! any who hope u guys have a good one!!!!

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