going broke! on that spring break sched.

by - Saturday, March 17, 2012


hihi everyoneee! so my friends are on spring break now and next week? so ive been going out errday and omg... let me tell u how broke i am! gosh... LOL my lovely friend sarah came into town and we went all out shopping, eating so much korean food and bake goodies, karaoking  in the ghetto! she also went to king spa but i didnt really have time so missed out! but all in all two days i spent with her was amazing! here is the haulage and will do a vid on it soon! my blog babies get to see items first! hehe

so adventure with sarah and her friends... went to  hmart, 99 ranch, asia world market and got so many things omg.... and i totally flipped shit when i found new dolly wink bottom lashes!!!! it was so expensive but i wanted it right then and there hahaha so i grabbed that and we all got beauty diary masks that was on sale woooo!!!

after the left i went and met up with my cousin and we decided to hit up gift store and face shop! omg... the lip plumer is so nice! and packaging hehehe i had to get a new nose mask cuz... i lost my white one so now they have a black one! so excited to try it out! also went to gift shop and i saw top postcard and omg.... top is so fine SOOOOOOO FINEEEEEEEEEE! and i found these anna sui inspired mirrors for 5$? going to deco them out wooo!!!!!

forever21 haul u know how i do in there... i obsess over jewelry! and i think i got a good haul this time! i love pairing lots of bracelets together now! and statement necklaces! i wanted to try those knotted headband scarf things? man... it didnt even fit my big ass head!!! oh well... ill give it to my sister lol!

after that stopped into sephora and used my gift card i got for my bday and bought dior toilette! its a nice large size and i love the smell and packaging!

stopped by a hair supply store to just see if they have any cute hair stuff, but i ended up just buying makeup lol! the shadows are for giveaway and i needed new liners! la girl liner swear its good stuff! just runs out fairly quickly

after that went to some art show with vinyl toys and they had free drinks and wat not but i hella went early and there was a bunch of old ppl and kids... so it wasnt that fun lol! not really complaining there was free alcohol?! so i got the vodka tea it was so yummyyyyy!!!! i was hoping to see some interesting ppl with like snazy sneakers and what not but again... just a bunch of kids and what have u! i went too early... friend went around 10? and it was a lot of hip ppl OTL

so ive been pretty busy! need to hustle some more omg lol! hope guys are having a good week/spring break!!!!!!!! im so excited for events  coming and oh i am in the process of working on a lot of videos for u lovely ppl!!! byebyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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