so behind on things!

by - Thursday, February 16, 2012

you guysss been hella sick HELLA sick.. texas weather is the worst i swear its warm one day and then freezing the next? srsly? my nose and throat cant take anymore! but safe to say i think im done with the worst and just going through mild sniffles! but ive been working hard promise i have! been editing and uploading and recording things three days straight! also cleaned my room and organized it just a few more tweeks and ill do room tour and lots of videos lol swear my room could be a mini boutique or something... so yeah pics above are cvs haul, and jan faves so those are going to be uploaded through out the week haaa! be ready! thats wsup ok! how i roll!

my current nails as well! might do a tutorial if you guys like hehehe! ive been doing lots of designs since my nails been short... took off my acrylics since i couldnt get them done as much as i needed to!

ok so... i jumped onto the coupon wagon? since a lot of girls at work are doing it and it is quite fun LOL i like cutting them out! i used a few for cvs and ended up buying a lot more than needed... im not quite there with these big sluggers LOL my aunt bought $50 worth of stuff and went down to like 10 or something she got all those reward bucks back? OH LORD IDK! but i did get me some milani and best believe i tore it up! im going to like find more bronzers LOL i just love it to pieces!!!!
so yeah thats pretty much what im doing atm... coupons... shopping and getting over sickness... OH and of course youtube haaa! till next time!

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