Whats new and my shoe obsession

by - Thursday, May 24, 2012

 hey yo! sorry its been awhile! life has been pretty hectic! and i am loving it!!!! so many things happening this summer hehe! so this will be a little update post ok so u guys... YOU GUYS you know how i go through like different kind of spurts? like... obsessions i guess, but any who its shoes shoes shoes atm! im just obsessed with shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and jewelry like colors and braided bracelets hehe so i will show you the shoes ive gotten this month! 

also trying to fix room up to do a room tour! running out of space for shoes... still have a lot thats downstairs... i shouldnt shop but i do have a problem i think so! its a real illness ok... or what i like to tell my brother and friends LOL

and a post with the haul stuff like u already know lol... just a few things! forever21 some rings! been loving aztec/tribal stuff a lot! so my outfits and what not have been trending into that kind of style! idk! hanging out with friends more and doing/seeing these events! i just love the street style very much! also got a massive haul at cvs! been wanting to try milani liquid liner and lumene was on sale buy one get one 75% off so i stalked up on serum and eye cream! then other makeup products for clients since its prom season

ooo and kiwiberry sponsored me cute lashes and lenses! trying them out atm and will do a video on it soon! im so happy that they have a variety to choose from! wish the site was a bit more made up, but again they are nice and they are always having specials wooo oh haha also included my ebay order i bought a bb cream? jasmine bb cream and... its so white on me omg LOL if you are fair complected i would try this! it has a very nice scent to it as well! just i look like a ghost wearing it....

so yes thats about it on the update! i will try to vlog more so many things this week and next week! going to be gyaru-fied up to the nines! look out for that haha hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!

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