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Hello everyoneee im so glad to show you guys these uber cute afordable items that was sent to me! The owner was so kind to let me pick a couple and sent me even more hehe so sweet! any who they are adorable hair bows! you guys know how i adore bows!!! so i was running around my room with them ahhahahaa! its just too cute! and not to mention she gave me a coupon code for you guys! get 10% off your order! and her hair bows range from 4-8$ which is sooo affordable and she has a wide range to choose from and also sells kawaii earings omg... def check her out!

ok ok so get a 10% off code just for u! just enter PHIPHI and bam! discount! LOL! so heres the links to her websites!

and heres the video review! enjoy lalalalallaal

Phiphi Nguyen


Krissy ~ said...

ahh love love love the bows, sooooooooo adorable!!
Krissy xoxo


Sweets said...

Lol. Were you really running around your room with them? xD
I think they are hella cute!

Kawaiiberri92 said...

cutee cutee so cutee and i love bows too >u<

heartofpearl ♡ しずか said...

Adorable! The earrings are gorgeous too and so are you aww x

Lavenrose said...

Those bows are love! <3