no job = more blogs and videos! feels good!

by - Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello readers! long time no blog! sooOOoOOOoOO if u guys didnt get the 411 i quit my receptionist job and its been about two weeks now and i guess this is like vacation time? hahah?! ive been looking for jobs just hard atm since its summer and the teenie boppers snagged them up but its cool! using this time to make crafty items and blog and what not! ive been sick though this past week so ive been laggy but luckily you will see a deco tutorial soon!

went to north park mall witha few friends and omg cannot wait for h&m to open!!!! it says summer on the little doohicky of a box infront of the store so im hoping it will open like... now?! haha lush will have to do! freaking love this store! masks are amazing as well! this time im trying out the oatfix! for sensitive dry skin! it smells like honey! i think it has almonds and banana in it? but anywho i love this more than the bb seaweed that was... a hot mess to clean hahaha but its good stuff i recommend trying their masks!

anywho! the money i earned from convention is slowly dwindling sigh.... bought more craft project stuff that i hope will sell for the next show and a few things here and there for myself since ya knowww kinda earned it! EHEHEHEHEHE! so first thing im going to show you guys is my dolly wink pencil liners in brown and black! i heard good things about these and was in need of new liners since i left old ones in the trunk by accident... i love dolly wink products!

next thing is just random items going to give to a few friends! i love these lashes and the little sponge fruit thingy looks cute! hahaha also bought some more face masks! all brightening properties i think? but yeah just a small haul! once i get to feeling better ill make a ton of gyaru looks for you guys! im obsessed with it! i feel like a lot of stress is off my shoulders! i wish crafting and blogging pays hourly hahaha i think i might work on weekends doing nails who knows! but this time off... is pretty sweet! till next time! xoxo

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