drugstore haul woot woot

by - Friday, July 29, 2011

hello readers! so im really getting better at drugstore item shopping! its a hit or miss and i kinda hated that and so i avoided buying all together back then, but since my viewers are mostly school type ppl i wanted to do tutorials affordable to everyone. i am a label whore yes... i do enjoy high end things sigh... blame it on parents they pretty much brought me up that way so i never really had experience buying from drugstores so i do like bulk buys and if i dont like it i just end up giving it to my cousin LOL! but i am getting better at this! onto the haulage shall we?

first thing is the biore pore scrub! i used some of my cousins and i like the smell and how it felt! it wasnt harsh at all and my skin felt really nice. ive been trying the japanese black facial scrub and this one feels much more gentle so i went and bought one! i like things that have a exfoliant i guess? its bearable though me likey hehe

saw a few reviews on these so i decided to get both since one has spf 30 and other the night/day cream is thicker and my skin doesnt feel greasy at all when i tried them i... have to say i would rather buy this than dior... omg shoot me LOL 20$ a piece? my skin is hydrated no patches of dry skin on my face... im really loving this stuff! and not to mention waking up and my skin is soft... idk about the youthfulness but it is hydrating and not oily on me which is a woot woot

ok this is my first sally hansen polish and one swatch omg so pigmented! where as if u do like essie polish? nah. nah this is good stuff like omg LOL the color is mint and i just loveee it! im into light colors lately and prob go back and buy some more different pastel colors oh and forgive the polish job... my cousin is going to nail school so she needed the practice lol!!!

decided to buy new lipsticks since omg idk why i just wanted to? i didnt really have a lot of colors just lots of pinks! and i have purchased revlon before for clients so i got peach, soft nude, baby or er sweet pink?, and some kind of pink red ugh too lazy to look lol but the colors are pretty ill do a video on july faves and swatch for u guys later haha

so thats pretty much my drugstore haul! been so busy having fun hahaha i love it but parents are complaining so i will be practicing for my practical more and idk i think ill do a vid once a week instead of every other day or 4 days lol i hope everyone will have a fab weekend! ill get back to u guys soooooooon!

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