ello ello! just little update and some vids

by - Saturday, July 23, 2011

been crazy busy and so productive! 3 videos uploaded in one day? hahaha im sure a lot of you guys like the bulk uploadings haha so i am very very happy with the videos i posted up! tried something new and you guys liked it! well most i think haha! i wanted a new intro and i guess not a lot of explaining subtitles? or voice overs? i guess its more viewable to actually take time and show the products being use than saying it ya dig? if this confuses you heres the video LOL

and also my tatto story that i guess i will give full info on and why i got them and what my family thought of it! pretty legit story... boring too i admit its pretty long lolol so watch if u just want to get the detail :D

and this... is my little cousins who love to do makeup well... play with it... the little sophie one, i use to live with her so shes pro LOL she everyday she is always like... phiphi can we do the makeup? hahah i love my cousins!

yup yup im getting good at this! got a lot of request videos as well so watch out for those! if u have one def message me! im up for anything! july has been crazy fun! lots of birthdays lot of going out omg... meeting a few amazing ppl and realizing things idk life isnt so bad! i should of quit my job sooner? LOL jk :p hope everyone will have a great weekend! i cant wait for the weekend!!! party party party woooooo!

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