its a sure thang lalala splurge off day

if you be the match ill be the fuse. boom haha i love that song! so i had an off day to do light shopping? and eat at korean bbq and korean spa like its a combo thing haha! and funny thing is i had a groupon thing for the spa and i forgot to use it... so i failed! but spoils i bough new lashes and a new face wash that mel showed in one of her vids so her face is all dolly and shit mind as well get on that too?! haha!!! also bought double sided eye tape and totally failed at that too wasted like 6? =______= i srsly give kudos to girls that do this shit all the time! like omgah... i have crease fyi i just wanted to see if i can get larger ones like popular gyarus hehehe

ive been ordering deco on etsy as well but also being cautious since etsy is kinda sketchy about giving great customer service or return money when packages dont even come =___= just like ebay i guess? but i am happy with the deco items i got! they were so so priced but its all good! going to a good cause... deco'in my lovely mirrors and selling them off in september!

oh did i mention i finally got my contest prize from graciousglamours?! i still cant believe i won! there are so many goodies in that damn box i died when i opened it! so many cute things! vid will be up soon of me opening it hahaha i made a list of tutorials coming up! ill actually show u guys haha if u want to add to it u sure can! hair tutorials though... im kinda iffy about since my camera is special and i dont really want to hear naggy complaints of angels and lighting so u guys have to wait till i get better camera and junk for hair tutorials. on a budget!

Youtube List

-july favorites

-natural gyaru look

-ulzzang pony (any)

-shoe collection

-eyeliner pt. 2

-care circle lens

-pinky paradise review

-clear nail polish trick & tips

-hair care

-enjoy product review

-summer skincare

saving up for a new car and new apartment... getting my toosh in gear! and of course make more videos! goal is to make it big! move to cali, marry nigahiga, make funny omg just keeding LOLOL about the nigahiga bwahahahhahaha moving to cali would be amazing though... saving up to go that way for next summer so i can see a few people who ive been wanting to meet hehe! alrighty im outy! going to go be productive!

Phiphi Nguyen


THT Christina said...

Haha hope you get to go to Cali soon! It's so nice and fun there! Aww you got to win lotsa cute stuff >> LOL Anywho, looking forward to your videos!(And you makin BIG^^)

Lavenrose said...

Cute stuff! :)

Kawaiiberri92 said...

ohhh can't wait to see all the upcoming vids >u< and waaa spa and kbq so nice and yummy i really want to eat korean galbi and bulgogi right now and as well some sushi >v< yum yum lol and i cant believe u won graciousglamours giveaway when i saw who won i was like i knoww herrr lol cant wait to see what u got >u<

Sweets said...

Ahh. I've been wanting to try those darkness lashes... I think they are too gorgeous! Love the CHANEL Deco I want some for my phone<333 I certainly want to make my phone into glitter/sparkle/cute paradise and if I F up it's okay because I heard 3 new Blackberrys are coming out soon... EEK! (exciting) :3

lucy said...

ah what an amazing haul! :) I really need to try out dolly winks!

shirrrley said...

I love your deco pieces! I've actually rarely had bad experiences with my orders on ebay. I find that the ebay team and customer service is generally really good, even from overseas sellers from China.

I hope you get a new camera soon too!