by - Wednesday, October 14, 2009

anywhooo~ i colored my hair back to black! i was like 0_0 of the results? LOL i was like omgah it is way toooo black! i guess i was just too use to the blonde hehe, but it will have to do! i will have an easier time to maintain my oh so precious hair! LOL!

so haulage collected in a time period since... the 5th i supose? LOL clinique was in gift so i really liked the big apple bag! im sucha sucker for cute packaging!!!! i bought some green primer, makeup remover, and a blush bronzer stick.

omg i went to a hong kong market in dallas that was huge! i wish i remembered what it was called and where it was... with the fam and ate dim sum sooo yeah! the gift store carried bb creams and pj!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like HOLLYYYY MOLLYYYY! but decided to just get the bb cream for now lool! the sales lady was like... its so popular on youtube! and i laughed a little ;D i think cutie mel did a review on this? or that was what i was thinkin so i bought it lool! i think its a bit light? and sooo i guess no spray tan lool! but i really like this stuff! skin doesnt look as dry!

ok so sephora i had to get the ll pallete! she is like inspiration! its the green palette and i have to say the colors are amazing in this pallete! though i wasnt too crazy of the others... but this was a good bingo!!! and and and ysl got a new fragrance and i fell in loveeeee it was like 39? i think before tax and omg... smells devine! im not really a big fan on the older ones? LOL but this one smells so yummy! rosey and pretty~ got some... concealer i forgot what its called... too lazy to get up... but u can wear this when u go to sleep? so... sometimes i have crazy dark circles from my sleepless night and dont want to scare certain someone ._.!!!! andd got some dna lash for 9 bucks... what did i tell u? i freakn love the sweet steal they have!!! i bought some for aunts and moether :D always looking out haha!

sooo secret? ive always wanted to make deco stuff and have my very own shop filled with cute things! how awsome is that? but like me... of course i never find things the easy way? always doing things the hard way... i dont know how to sew or any of that stuff... i like easy stuff.... mmm... so i just buy pieces and parts! im thinking about opening a booth at anime convention and sell my cute creations! that has been a goal for me for awhile? so ima buy me a little sewing machine and try to make so me cute crafts! im a painter... and a doodler... so other things are pretty hard? LOL

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