My Skincare Regime

by - Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hello Honey! I know it's been forever since I've posted and I know I always say I will come back at it soon, just my life is always constantly in a crazy motion and actually having sit down time is hard to come by... Is this how it is to be an adult? Sometimes I dont feel like it ha! If some of you dont know, I moved to Oregon for a job opportunity and just being able to leave Tx and start a fresh life? Boy was I totally wrong hahaha! I am homesick almost all the time and the city I moved to is actually very small and no foody/fun thing to do... I miss home terribly, but the outdoors and weather is beautiful. I have been recording bits and pieces of vlogs just need to have time to actually edit them! So lets get down to the good stuff...

My skin has actually gotten a lot dryer here for some reason? You would think with the cooler/rainy weather here it would help me, but nope nope nope I will always be dry like an over cooked toast! But yall know me... Im always searching for the best thing so here is what I am using currently..

So every morning/night I wipe my face with the carnier micellar cleansing water and I really like how this removes a lot of gunk! I tried other drugstore brands and this one is super great and affordable! Plus its super gentle around the eye area as well, no stinging.

I usually dont wash my face in the morning and just use the cleansing water instead, but at night I like to use a combination of face washes haha this one currently I like since it bubbles well and removes better than most ive tried. If I wear makeup I use a cleansing oil first to help my cleanser! Theres a lot of steps sometimes, but I like to make sure that my skin is cleaned and refresh!

As an exfoliate I really love this ole henriksen pore-balance facial sauna scrub! It goes on warm?! and then a cooling sensation haha! I like how it feels gentle and I usually do this in the shower twice a week, but the hot/cooling system it has is really nice and the beads are gentle and I dont feel like its stripping my face of too much oils and what not so its a great gentle scrub.

After I cleanse I use an oil as my base. I like using frankincense oil for its healing properties! I had a customer tell me she uses it on her dark spots and inflammations so obv I gave it a shot! Its pretty strong so I mix it with another oil to delute. My skin I notices some of my spots have reduced and redness. Boscia has always been my favorite skincare and this oil is great. not greasy at all which is a plus and its a light oil that my skin just drinks up!

I use Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate at night. It is super hydrating and my skin feels plump in the morning which is super great! It is on the pricier side, but I am in love with this! Could be a holy grail item! It is a clear gel consistency and absorbs quickly into the skin which is nice!

In the morning I use this cosrx advance snail 96 essence. Ive always used snail essence since forever and decided to try this out. It is a little tacky, but it dries nicely which is good. Since its summer I skip my moisturizer and do this and my oil which is perfect!

As for eye cream.... Im always searching for one and it never really helps with my concerns... I have bad crows feet and dark circles, but that is pass down through the family so I cant really prevent it. Decided to try out shiseido wrinkle eye cream and the texture is creamy and applies like every other kind of eye cream hahaha. This is a tad lighter which is nice and I blend this with my ring finger. Applying it is really nice and my eyes are hydrated which is nice! Hopefully after I use this product up I can see the difference? 

If I feel like I need super hydrating stuff I use this Royal Honey from Skinfood. This is non greasy and super duper thick moisturizer so I would recommend this for ppl with dry skin. I usually use this during fall/winter time, but it smells so sweet and a little goes a long way! 

My night time treatment I like to use this sense night renewal creme! So far I do enjoy this product. My skin is really plump when I wake up and this product isnt thick or greasy which is what I look for in a product. So far it is fine for me? I have yet to find an amazing night cream yet so if you know something let me know!

Sunscreen is a must! I got this as my 100pt perk from Sephora and I like Supergoop sunblock line! Now helpful tip... the number on the bottle? is actually the time it last for! So this is spf 30 (30 min) always apply sunscreen y'all! Your skin will thank you in the long run! This is slightly greasy product, but its do able! 

I love.. .facial mists and mario badescu is so easily obtainable therefore its my holy grail hehe! I like to spritz this throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and a little drink :p!

So that is what I am using currently! I hope this gives you guys a little insight on my skin! I will try to post more often and hopefully do more videos soon! My haul pile is a mountain right now... hahaha! I appreciate you for staying with me for so long and being patient with me! I will see you soon xoxo

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