Goodies from Japan

by - Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Hello my lovely, how are you? I am happy to say that I will slowly get back into doing what I love best! I wish I was more persistent with blogging and doing videos, but alas ppl around me dont understand this passion and I let ppl talk me out of things, but from now on... I will do what I enjoy and try to make time for it so lets work hard for what we want to do!

My cousin went to visit her bf in Japan for a family affair and I have to say I was so jealous of her! I've always wanted to go, even live there! The culture and food... Everything it just seems like a dream to be there... I watch ppl on youtube vlog about it and I just envy. The new generation of girls that make videos are so good at it, get to travel get to do all these things I wanted to do, I honestly wish I was more persistent with the youtube stuff... I let ppl that dont understand this talk me out of it and its one of my truest regrets of all. Hopefully now, I can do what I love doing and maybe grow it bigger. I have to work on myself and work hard for something that can make me happy because what I've been doing... Is just work and I pour way too much into it and no enjoyment what so ever! I guess thats how it is when you're trying to adult haha!

Any who lets get back to the goodies! I gave my cousin a small list of things and she delivered! I want to go badly... Saving up is a pain, but I will go soon! She got me my essentials and whatever else she thought was nice so I am super happy with the small things hehe!

These things dont fit my nose that well haha, but it gets the job done! charcoal nose peels for blackhead is soso! I want to find something more effective than these, but it was fairly cheap vs. buying americanized ones .

So this girl left me one candy, but she knows I like cute packaging hahaha!

I asked her to get me a few face masks and only got me this one T_T but packaging looks really pretty and theres a lot of masks in this pack.

Ok... Gyaru days... I had a lot of these and for something to put in my bag I wanted to get this again haha I mean if you have the means of getting this cheaper why not? I really like the colors for this and the packaging is pretty as well!

This mascara is like holy grail mascara... the lil fibers that add to my non existent lashes is a godsend! It also came with a cosmetic bag that is cute too.

I love this face wash to pieces! A refill to my stash of facial cleansers

I needed a new liquid liner so she found these for me in black and brown! I am really excited to try these out!

I recently got into this egg character from sanx and she got me this little cup haha! My cousin is obsessed with cups and ofc she got me one.

And lastly a cleansing oil! I am really thankful she managed to get me all this stuff haha! I wish I could get more, but I need to go there myself and experience it all and buy all the things I want hehe! I just need friends to go with me hue... Trying to plan a vacation with friends is difficult... Its either they have kids or no funds to go... I am here just wishing to go! I am like so chicken to travel alone though T_T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe one day... Find a travel buddy heh

That is about it on my small haul from Japan! I love my cousin to bits for these goodies! I will try to post more later on! I have to set up a filming section. Since I have a lot of money saved, I've been mostly decorating my apartment where I spend most of my time from work. Just going out is a hassle for me in a new city and making friends is actually really difficult, but I want to do many things soon. I will keep you guise posted! thank you for being sweet and understanding! Have a great week!

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