New Destination

by - Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hello my dear friend. It has been a very long time, but I feel like the paste has slowed down a little for me. As some of you know I have moved from my beloved Texas to Oregon. I always told myself I would leave Tx one of these days and now that I have? I feel so homesick... Texas starting to get into the foodie scene and honestly DFW area came a long way! We even started getting Daiso haha! So now I moved out of my improving state to some small town in Oregon. The weather out here is so different to the bi-polar weather in Tx and Ive never seen so many trees in my life! This place is beautiful to retire in honestly haha, but as for my love of exploring and what not I have to drive all the way to Portland. Why move out of Tx you ask? It is basically a career move for me. Something to build my future on. Ive always been very independent and work for everything that I want, so with a leap of faith I decided to just pack my bags and leave my precious hometown.

As for work, I am in the cannabis industry and safe to say... This stuff has so many health benefits for ppl who are ill and I believe in their health properties! I came in not knowing much, in a world of its own and the people here are very different... I always try to think the best in ppl, but this industry is very cut throat and I wasnt prepared for it at all. I had to take on a lot of work and it was emotionally draining me and I had many dark moments of quitting and moving back home, but I endured it and got rid of toxic ppl so now its a little better, learning things everyday, throwing my diy spirit in the mix, and saving money haha! I am really trying to find good things about moving here and trying to experience things the best I can. Theres a lot on my plate, but I want to continue to blog and do videos when I can! hopefully set up a station to do hauls and such.

I get cute comments from you guys how you miss me and want videos and those ppl... Really push me to go forward. It is kind of hard to get back into something that other girls coming in know how to edit better, younger, vibrant and doing things more than I so it was always discouraging, but I will try to do my best and hopefully be able to mustard enough courage. So till then I wish you a happy life and lets work hard for our future <3 p="">

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