Reinventing Myself.

by - Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello my wonderful reader. It has honestly been longer than I wanted it to be, but life somehow... Always gets the best of me. It honestly has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster, but as I grow older.. I find myself not so selfish and worrying about every little problem that comes my way, so with that being said let's go through the mess together.
I finally realized that I hoarded way too many things for my liking. I mean I'm just one person and shouldn't have so much clutter. Since I am always moving with the wind, it dawned on me that hey... Someone could really use this! I gave a huge chunk of my clothing to salvation army, decluttered my life and honestly I feel so much better. Getting rid of things instead of getting attached and knowing someone else can enjoy them.. Feels great.
Speaking of moving.. I am actually going to move out of state! Ive lived in Texas all my life and.. Ive seen it grow into such a great thing and remembering when I was younger, how I wish we would have things like californians have it only to slowly gain some of that... I will miss it. I am moving to an unknown area and will fill everyone in soon! I am scared and excited for this new adventure in life and a new job where I wont experience toxic people or hope that I wont.
I have also found myself breaking out of my shell and tried the dating scene. I mean I will be 30 soon and need to start going out in the world and frankly... The guys that approach me? Give me such confidence that... I didnt realize before. I am very self conscious and look so much better behind my hair and a lot of filters I mean... Doesn't everyone? My goal is to feel confident in myself and lose weight. Food is such a comfort and bad habbit so going back to the health wagon asap. I want to reinvent myself and just clean slate with this whole move and everything. I want to have a more simpler life and be happy. I realize ppl can be toxic and my honesty sometimes can be the death of me.
I am thankful for those who have been so patient with me. I know I keep saying I'll come back, but I lack the motivation. I want to be like these girls that travel and have fun. look amazing and surrounded by good friends. I want to be happy and show people who I am and what things I want to share so badly, but I have this fear of being judged and I want to change that. I want to be better person.

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