Hello, It's Me

by - Thursday, February 04, 2016

Hello love bug! Been forever since I've done anything with my blog or youtube, but life isnt throwing me curveballs so I will be able to be more active! So here is whats new with me... Birthday was a hit, dating again, quit my horrible job, moved, and new obsessions. Lets get to it!

Last month was pretty hard getting settled into new situations and birthday was spent with a few ppl that matter most to me! I am glad to have them in my life! Co workers are like my family... and a couple I even grew up with so it is a blessing! that got me this "wedding" cake that is popular and tasted like heaven! After that I had smaller family dinners and individual friend dinners haha it was great!

I also quit my job that I honestly hated for such a long time. A women that hated me for no reason and gave me hard time, made me work harder for no reason... Bc her husband favors me? (who is the boss) or is it bc I wasn't stick thin? I tried my hardest to get her to like me.. I did everyone's chores, never spoke out, gave great customer service and after all that she still treated me like crap. I never will understand her work ethics. Tbh she is very childish and petty... For a grown ass woman. I don't regret working there since I met good ppl, but she is honestly... such a bitch. Shouldn't work somewhere with that type of vibe... Sad that I stayed in for that long. It is also sad... That many yelp reviews complain about her too lol and half  her staff leaves like... You would think you'd see the errors of your ways!

Sorry... mini vent haha so! Co workers and I started using dating apps for fun and one of the girls... Found a man! isnt that crazy?! So me and this other girl decided hey we should actually try this out and not just look through profiles ahaha! So the one I went on a date with... photos must of been hella old (LOL) but we exchange text messages back and forth for weeks? until hes like super persistent to meet up which is fine. I was super rusty so I didn't really want dinner... I hate eating... with ppl idk? Is that strange? I just dont feel comfortable and then that adds stress so... I turned to trusty facebook events and found this... acoustic grand opening something... It was called cinderblocks and it was like this art studio/music/ They lived there, but it was totally a hipster scene and I felt so bad LOL! But I totally need some distractions or else it gets akward right? Or im just... weird hahaha! Anyways he was super chill about it and sweet so it was nice!

I moved out of the place I was renting and... I have no idea renting from old vietnamese ppl was so difficult? They tried to get me to pay an extra month and all kinds of bullshit and I was so pissed! Not to mention they havent given me back my deposit... Its been a freaking month. A friend recommended it to me and I so regret living there... Moving in general sucks... 3rd time and all bad experiences...

So yeah! That is whats up on my end! Rekindled friendships that were lost over I guess pride, Will do a video on my birthday presents, I have started to coupon again! and many more to come! Sorry Ive been away... Promise it will be better! Love and thanks!

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