A Little Update..

by - Thursday, June 18, 2015

I know I am so on and off with this whole online hobby thing I have going... Its been a long journey and I still havent hit the living off youtube life style, but hopefully I can one day! Not getting any younger and... All these young girls doing it right and I am here being an old hag trying to keep up with things like... GEEZ! Let a sistah have a break and spill some old lady knowledge with you.
SOOOO with that being said, as many of you guys know I have been going through such an emotional ride these past few years and with age comes with a lot of stress and obstacles and I feel like I put myself into situations I dont want to be in, but somehow it always happens. I have anxiety and I am too nice at times and let people walk all over me its just the way I am and slowly trying to change.

Moving to a new city within Dallas... Further from work... I learned how to be a speed racer these past few months! Living in a gated community with a roomy is actually ok. I was so stressed out about his family and him, but hes ok. I am thankful for the person who told me about it, but we grew apart and not into the same things which is fine. 5 years flushed down the toilet seems to be my thing lately. losing friends is part of life and no point getting sad about it! I wish early in life someone would of told me... Friends come and go like it honestly would of saved me hassle from being depressed about it? I get overly attached and jealous. Not a good combo right? I have such loyalty embedded in me I just wish I had the same in return, but people like me are a dying breed. I am a capricorn after all.

As for youtube... I dont have the confidence in making videos on myself anymore. Just the ware and tare after years of just judgment from online ppl makes me not so keen on sharing my face. I mean so many tutorials out there these days how can I fit into the mix? Its like been there done that type of thing. I just dont know what is the right thing to show. My followers are based on hauls and such these days since... I am a well seasoned shopper haha. ootd seems out of the question since I wear black for work... plus working everyday so its boring? I am not motivated to get dolled up anymore bc of that and going out is just not existent right now. I feel like im such a homebody as I grow older and DATING? Do not get me started... I want this life with kids and stuff, but I loathe dating... Logic in that? I have no idea haha! But back into topic... Every Thursday I will try to upload something or blog. I have a box full of giveaway items and never did the giveaway... So many things to do and my lazy bum just crying about it. Will change that from now on! You guys see the post and I am ready to get out of this slump I am in!

Here is also the video I uploaded today about hair extensions I received from irresistible me and theres a 10% off coupon for my viewers (unless you dont see the ones on the website.) They usually have good deals on their site already, but just incase its not theres 10% for u babe! Use "IrresistiblePhiphi"

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