by - Friday, May 29, 2015

I know its been awhile since you've seen little ol me. Moving and the new job has been so stressful to the point where I literally dread the day to come. Not to mention friendships going up in smokes, but that is life. Things are some what coming together and I find myself going shopping a lot more than usual since retail therapy does make me feel better and just being surrounded by pretty things makes the room feel cozy. I honestly dont like the layout of my room, but hopefully I will be able to remove my closet doors and change it up a bit. I think I will be officially done with everything next month, being realistic since its only been a month living here.

Update though, roomate and his parents put a lot of stress on me with the whole finish moving process and I was extremely pissed at how they kept pestering me, like if I knew that was to happen and how they are going to react I wouldnt have agreed to move in. My co worker told me there are a lot cheaper places even closer to my work that I could of done (great... thanks for telling me after I signed the papers) Not to mention my boss is just a total bitch to me. Why everytime I work some where... the boss is either a pervert or a total bitch? my first 3 jobs were great and so family orientated the next few jobs just went downhill like they look down on you and treat you like shit like... man. Living my life of "treat others the way you want to be treated" doesnt seem to work on my end... I am always getting the short end of the stick when it comes to ppl entering my life. I am too nice and I hate it and I feel like any other place I work in this industry will have the same outcome. The higher power... sure does like messing with me.

The progression. I got offered a second day off since its slow at work and so I can do more things to distress myself and work on my room. I also got the chance to rebuild bridges with ppl I lost contact with in the past. Its funny how you channel your energy to ppl who will just end up leaving you anyways and the ones that are good to you come back. Funny how the world works like that. I might possibly have a love interest as well, but I think I am A-sexual? Is that a thing? I love the idea of someone being with me, but then I think about all the times I would prob be annoyed and just want my space... Idk what I am going through... Kind of need to go on a soul searching journey to love me and accept me for the way I am... Bc god knows I have been battling this insecurity most of my life, but I will get there soon.

I feel like I am more spiritual as I get older... I love plants and growing things... and I am obsessed with crystals... I really want to find myself and just be at peace and hopefully that path I am choosing is the right one for me. I want to do more travel/food type of things so hopefully I will sort these out soon for you guys! I know I've been posting a lot of personal stuff on my blog, but its an outlet for my frustrations. I feel like once I get better with handling my time better I will get back into the swing of things! Have a great weekend and be safe! Weather in Texas is crazy right now... I love the rain, but its over kill right now!

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