Moving and Drama... Being an Adult and The Struggles

by - Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello pumpkin! It has been a long time since I had a chance to touch base with you! A lot of drama, sweat, blood, and tears these past few months and frankly... I am so glad to be out of that chaos... As many of you know... I decided to move in with a friend, to test the waters of living away from my family and cheaper rent. Everyone told me and advice me never move in with a friend unless you know they can keep up their end. BOY WHY THE FUCK DID I NOT LISTEN?! Long story short, I let a lot of bullshit slide and a total of... 6 ppl living with me with no money. 6 ppl should make rent super cheap and easy right? NOPE. Dont get me started on the landlord! So much stupid drama happened when it could of easily been fixed, but instead it was let to linger and fester and having all of us to move out. GREAT! I was at this point, stressing like never before, scrambling trying to figure out where im going to live and what not, MIND YOU during this time I got a new job and transitioning out of my old job so money was already tight as is. I finally found a place near my work and it is in this melting pot of foreigners and oh my god lol its pretty ghetto on the outside... but I got a loft and its so nice inside... My neighbors... however... I swear theres like a circus LOL so many ppl living in this one bedroom loft...

Being an adult is really hard... I have to pay this new renter fee that kicked me in the butt, non refundable.. and my roomate? Had the audacity to ask me about money? Which was fine if we were all to split it equally, but no. apparently 2 ppl couldnt pay cuz of being broke? OK? and she started giving me this sob story that just irate me when she said we have to pay bills bottom line. Well u should preach to the other two, but again she sticks up for them and I ONCE AGAIN get the short end of the stick. I paid of course just so that I have nothing to do with them again. Oh. and did I mentioned they stole my ugg boots? LOL! Good god no fucking sympathy to any of them.

I am pretty much by myself... had to get movers on my own... move things and do everything by myself... luckily my good friend Christian helped when she can, but it is the struggle and I feel so depressed all the time and hopeless... I know this hard time will pass and I will do better later on, but I srsly cant see it and handle everything... I am also homesick, but I want to prove to my family and myself I can do this... I need to go church and pray lawdddd..

My new job? Just opened so it is an amazing salon that is brand spanking new and my co-workers are so nice and sweet, but theres a language barrier... I am the only one that speaks well haha other than my boss and manager, who are siblings! Speaking of boss... We will call him Mr. B is always flirtatious with me and always wants to go eat out LOL I never... Had this type of work type relationship? He is my boss haha that forbidden love interest... Hes not married... but has 2 kids? I decided to look him up in my book of birthdays and compatibility  and guess what he is under? He is my soulmate LOOOL!!!!! Usually... When I read someones horoscope or zodiac signs to see if compatible or not.... Is on point. So with my exes or friends It is pretty spot on... So with that being said and finding him under my soulmate... I am conflicted since... It is better relationship for work vs. love interest? I am a control freak capricorn and he is as well in a way... But I am more timid and shy where as hes the opposite. I wonder if "opposites attract" applies to this.

So this is pretty much what is going on in my life right now. Escaping bullshit from ex roomates to working my butt off trying to make ends meet. I lost a lot of so called friends and pretty much by myself these days and its really hard to go through... I will try to finish moving in and make videos on the side and figure out what what I have to do to stay sane... Sorry to keep you waiting all the time! I do miss making videos and blogging! Life is just srsly so hard right now and a lot of times I just want to break down and cry, but what good would come out of that? Im trying to prove myself right now... Lets see how far I can go!

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