Sponsored Pinkicon.com Unboxing & First Impression

by - Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello Cutie!!! I got a marvelous package from pinkicon who allowed me to try out their lenses! When I got the package it is same as every other circle lens place! Bubble wrapped nice and snug with lots of goodies inside!

Awesome thing is that they gave pamphlets with the circle lenses you order! I thought this was neat! And give u a detailed how to booklet which is super impressive! I really like when they put detail into products or when they send them out! I usually look for that type of stuff! Its like they care and what you to have knowledge to help hehe!

I never heard of one day circle lenses... I thought this was an amazing idea! I dont condone ppl wearing them for the full year! You have to remember... How long the products been in that container, how long u wear them through out the day, debre and makeup junk that gets onto the lens, how you clean, etc. You just have to be careful with your eyes when wearing circle lenses I cannot stress that enough... Through many trial and error... I know what im talking about so head my words!

I love the fade these lenses have! It looks semi natural hehe! I usually stay within browns and grey... Suits my eyes well! I thought these are amazing! I mean its a waste to throw away these beauts, but at least my eyes will be ok haha

Last but not least i got these magic color grey lenses which are perfect if u want to do the gyaru look! I has a tri color going on and a nice fade! I will do more reviews on this later! I have a bunch of lenses to try out still so bare with me hehe

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