September In A Nutshell: Index-fest, Vinyl Show, Lolita Birthday

by - Monday, October 06, 2014

Hello Cutie!  Sorry I have been away for so long, but safe to say I am finally done moving in and everything seems perfect in a sense? I have been going through a lot of crazy emotions due to ex friends and ex lovers and I am just emotionally strained so I have been trying to keep myself busy and trying to work more... Also going back onto my extreme diet and changing myself for the better... I did it once... I can do it again! I am going to work hard here on out and of course be more active on here with you! With that being said I attended a few events that I managed to get on camera!

Index-Festival Is a pretty awesome show in Deep Ellum where live bands perform and it was a 3 day weekend event! I only went on sunday so it was just a little crowd, which is something I prefer better than the hustle and bustle of too many ppl! A lot of well dressed people attended and great music! I had fun catching up with my dear friends from Loyal KNG and got to hear some cool bands

Vynil Art Show Deep ellum always has an event going on and i feel like theres always a vinyl show with free drinks i mean hey why not? get to view/buy peoples awesome art skills and u get to enter into raffles to win kick ass prizes? not to mention u get free alcoholic beverages ( i dont drink but juice is always yummy) plus hanging out with friends is always awesome!

Lolita Birthday Meetup My friend Mar had a joint birthday with another gal and it was a tea party shindig where you had to dress up in lolita and i... never worn it nor was i all too keen about it, but I mean I wanted to experience it at least once and boy all i felt like doing was lifting up the dress LOL! my friend christian lent me her black dress and i felt like i was this innocent little school girl! I really like how puffy everything was super cute! I opp out a lot of the gear bc I am not a girly girl tbh... well dressing up wise I am far from it! My style varies honestly... I like the trends and also bohemian looks but lolita is a thing on its own... its like a super hero gear, you can be entirely someone else and feel awesome in it! I give kudos to the girls that can sport this all the time! Though I am not so sure about anime ppl dressing anime in public for like everyday shit like wtf? LOL no... All in all it was awesome experience! The tea place itself... was expensive as hell! $20 per person for a few sandwiches and cake like... WHAT? I could of made SOOO MANY FOODS for that amount of money, but again... experience... paying for the experience lol

And here is a short clip of it all! I hope you enjoy the little photos and what not! Its hard to lug around all my cameras and such...  I should just buy a little hand held one instead of my two large cameras lol! ugh my life... Anywho I hope to fill you all in soon with my life and get this on a roll! Going to be strong about my goals this time around so wish me luck!

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