For the love of easy diy's! No sew hair bows & future projects!

by - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello cutie! If you are like me and want to make a whole lot of things with  minimal efforts this is by far the happiest and easiest thing i made LOL! Ive always wanted to make cute hair bows but i fail miserably at sewing... I was not gifted with that skill!!! But these came out really nicely! I bought a lot of floral fabrics to make some kind of design on sweatshirt, but summer came so that project died haha! Instead I used them to make hair accessories! I also used old clothes and ugly long skirts from the goodwill hehe!

Here is a video tutorial on the lovely bows! Its so easy I mean a child could do this hahaha! and not to mention the sizing is easy to adjust as well! The bow size itself is about medium? I hope you enjoy the video and try out this cute tutorial!

I am going to an anime convention and sharing a booth with a good friend! I am like on a time crunch to make so many things, but I will record them and share my ideas with you all!

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