First day of school impressions! Gotta look fly hehe! Updates!

by - Saturday, August 17, 2013

hello my lovely! how have you been? know its been awhile but im back with some really neat looks for going back to school! even though its august its still hot as hell here in texas so its ok to wear comfy tops and shorts and sandals hahaha! so make sure your hair, face, nails are ready baby!

here is a back to school tutorial that is really simple to do and barely any makeup in this tutorial! I remember when i was in school all i wore was foundation and eyeliner! pretty simple right? i didnt dabble in makeup until after high school! that is when i was able to find myself and what i liked! but that was long time ago LOL i havent been in school its been.... 5 years or so? long time!

and not to mention having the dopest nails around? flashy nails that grabs attention on first day? uh... can i get a hell yeah? I wanted to look good no matter what when i was in school! def try these out! its different from your basic manicure and it is really fun to do! i mean who doesnt like pineapples and palm trees?

I hope you guys try out these two looks! on to me... updates *drum roll* as always im busy with work and what not, but im working on a lot of crafty projects and will of course record them for you! i will be attending a convention by the end of the month where i can sell my handmade goodies! one of my hobbies is to craft! i love crafting i wish i can have it as a profession! so hopefully i will put those out soon! and ofc other beauty related videos and giveaways that are long over do!

oh and not to mention i am a brunette now! but it faded into a nasty orangy brown so i mixed a brown red together and it was waaaaay red LOL!!!! sobbing i need to really pickup on my cosmetology skills that are super failing! i feel like a lot of ppl are getting into this field now LOL well a lot of my friends are! i mean nothing wrong with that hehe! i believe people should go into the profession they enjoy and not what someone tells them to or something dont want to be in you know? bc if you do that... be in something youre not happy with? well that would be a very long and unhappy life or how i see it!

anywhooo i hope you have a lovely weekend! today is my brothers birthday so im going to buy him a big carrot cake and going to eat at my uncles resturant to celebrate his birthday! i bought him a derpy nicholas cage phone case since he likes him and was named after him (idk my mom is weird.... she thinks hes hot actor...) LOL and the other for my bff since idk i believe derpy celebs are trending and it is a conversation starter LOL

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