Whats On My Iphone and How I Edit My Photos

by - Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Hello my sweet! Here is a more in depth of my photo editing apps I use for my pics! I went through this app craze and bought or downloaded free apps to take kawaii photos! I Use to deco the hell out of them back in the day and wanted to share with you what app is neat or over the top haha! I have the iphone 5 I am not sure if android phones will have majority of these, but doesnt hurt to look!

I did  a video on all the apps I have on my phone! its super duper cute and I just love making my phone super sugoi!

 Deco Pic App is SUUUPER girly app that you can add so many cute things to photo! Some features do cost money but it comes with nice filters, stickers, pens and you can place this in many social media areas such as twitter, facebook and what not! It does take awhile to load though, but none the less its a super cute app to play around with!

PriPriMarron - Kawaii写真Deco $4.00 - Basically a purikura type app! This is semi cute but doesnt really come with filters just frames and stickers! its some what derpy, but i mean lol the frames are really cute and you can be obnoxious with this app hehe

Kawaii Deco Mail $3.27 Another purikura type app! I really honestly use this for the gems and what not hahaha it comes with really pretty frames and stickers but no filter option! 

 Line Camera is my favorite app ever! and pretty much the only one I use! This app caters to instagram very well! I love all the features it has! Comes with filters, frames, cute stickers, pen, text and it is very easy to post your photos anywhere! Not to mention its free app!

PuddingCam is a neat app for vintage photos! Gives you all these old school cameras to choose from, filters, and frames! Each different type of camera you use has a different effect on them which is really neat!

 Qbro is basically a filter app! It gives a variety of filters to choose from! This app I honestly dont use anymore... This is some what old haha its free so its ok! So if you are looking for filters this is nice hehe

Shapley is a fancy app that gives you frames! You can pick different shapes and choose different textures and colors! Its a free app and if you want more shapes you do have to pay! All it is... is a frames app no filters or anything else.

Squaready is my Favorite app to squish entire photo in frame! Perfect for instagram! you can also add filters and such to it, but I use this mostly to fit the image

 Picfx is a neat app with a lot of different frames, filters! This app does cost money but I love the different textures you can add to you photos! and you can also layer them wich is pretty neat!

 Grid Lens is not really instagram friendly, but it does make a nice collage of photos! you can choose from a variety of different type of frames, plus filters so this is really fun if u have a lot of photos you want to just put all in one

 camera+ is actually an awesome app if you want better photos! it also gives filters and frames for you to choose from! its not free app, but if you want to do more close ups if you are far this is pretty decent.

 girl pic is actually like a blog type app! its ameba which is japanese company that does cute girl games and such so if you want pretty photos with stickers, filters, frames and be able to share it with others i would try out this app

 snapee is similar to girl pic as well! this one comes with more features though! super duper girly and if you like that kind of stuff i would go with this one! I actually like the stickers it comes with! you can also buy more stickers they have a variety to choose from!

it says it all haha labelbox is basically cute labels you can add to your photos! comes in different patterns and colors!

thats pretty much it on all the apps i use to edit my photos! majority caters to instagram so thats why i have a lot LOL! i hope this was helpful!

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