K-pop 2NE1 "Falling in Love" Inspired Makeup Tutorials

by - Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello cutie! Ive noticed my makeup style has toned down a bit since... work I have to look natural and professional sobbing! So I have been gravitating more towards korean ulzzang or pop star type looks? Its innocent and natural looking! Im not really a big fan of kpop like I use to as a  kid, but I love me some 2ne1 and big bang!

I love doing Park Bom inspired makeup! She is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I love her and idolize her! shes older than me and still looks like a beautiful doll huehue I wish my eyes were big like hers.... Life would be just more sugoi ok lol! Forgive my.... ratchet nappy hair though! My ombre is out of control lol! I am going full brunette soon! cannot wait to change my hair! Its... super unhealthy and thinning as well sobbing... Must take vitamins! I swear... turning 25 my body is decaying!!!

OK so here is the tutorial on my Park Bom inspired makeup from the mv "falling in love" I also asked you guys if you wanted me to do another girl and you guys asked for CL! I really enjoy the girls look in this video! Dara looks gorgeous! Maybe ill do her next hehehe! Park boms eye makeup is so gyaru! The bottom lashes and the dramatic liner gahhhh I love it!

CL's makeup is also gyaru in a way? the lining of the inner corner, dramatic lashes and liner oh my lawdie! Even the boipren liked my makeup hahaha! I should do more kpop looks! what do you guys think?

Ill try to do Minz'ys and Dara if I get enough requests to do them! I am in need of doing some giveaways as well! Just on a time crunch with a lot of these videos... Hope you have a lovely week my cutiepatootie!

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